Stranger Things – Season 2: “Chapter Six – The Spy”

Netflix’s Stranger Things
Season 2: “Chapter Six – The Spy”
Directed by Andrew Stanton
Written by Kate Trefry

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IMG_0157As the field burns, Will (Noah Schnapp) goes into convulsions. Joyce (Winona Ryder) accompanies him to hospital with Bob (Sean Astin) and Mike (Finn Wolfhard) in tow. But nobody can figure out what’s going on with the boy, the doctors aren’t able to understand what’s causing him the pain. Terrifying.
Elsewhere, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) enlists Steve (Joe Keery) to help him with Dart. The older guy just thinks it’s a weird lizard. Until he’s explained its “face opened up” before eating the family cat. They head out to the cellar with Steve’s brutal nail bat. They can’t hear any noise, so they open the doors and Steve heads down for a better look. He finds a bunch of shed skin. Now there’s no telling how big Dart’s gotten, particularly seeing as how the creature’s digging tunnels to escape. Is it possible Dart could get big enough to make a tunnel like the ones Chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) saw? Speaking of, our cop’s hosed down like Karen Silkwood and checked by the Department of Energy after his latest subterranean adventure.
At the Byers house, the DoE are taking lots of pictures, investigating further. At the hospital, Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) and other doctors are asking mom plenty of questions. Joyce is pissed with their insistence before now her son’s symptoms were all psychological. She wants a “real hospital,” not the one the DoE are running.
IMG_0159The ragtag team of Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and Murray (Brett Gelman) are “taking down the man” with the tape of Dr. Owens. They’re dumbing it down, since the real story’s so outrageous. This is the issue when conspiracy theories cross into reality— it’s hard for people to believe them, despite their truth. Murray’s not only a conspiracy man, he’s good at reading people. He digs into Nancy after seeing the tension between her and Jonathan. Later, the two friends become more than friends.
Hopper’s throwing up lots, though he’s being cleared. He’s also being taken by Dr. Owens to see something interesting. They head into the Hawkins underground. They take the chief to see the massive tunnels near the opening to the Upside Down, which are “growing” across the town.
We see more of Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and his shitty relationship with Max (Sadie Sink), albeit briefly. Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) goes to get her so he can show her proof of what’s going on in Hawkins, after Dustin calls him on the walkie about Dart. She sneaks out with him for an adventure.
Joyce quietly explains to Bob what really happened last year to her son. It’s surprising, obviously. He’s not concerned about himself, only worried for Joyce. Soon, Will wakes up again. Although he’s missing memories. He can’t remember Bob at all. Dr. Owens examines him— as do a bunch of people in another room behind TV screens. Will remembers Mike, but can’t recall Bob, or Chief Hopper. He can’t remember much other than being hurt by “the soldiers.” He says the shadow monster’s upset.
IMG_0160The doc brings in a vine to test whether the boy has a connection to it. Will feels a sting as another doctor begins burning the vine with a torch. When it starts to hurt too much Hopper steps in, telling them to stop. Owens calls it “a virus” with a sort of “hive intelligence.” Joyce knows there’s more to it, and she knows her son’s slipping away the longer it goes on. The other doctors are willing to let the kid die so they can burn the vine growth, though Owens can’t agree.
Along the train tracks, Dustin and Steve lay down treats to lure Dart. Steve simultaneously gives cool dude advice about girls, advising the younger kid how to act. He says you feel a “sexual electricity” letting you know when to make a move. I wouldn’t be taking this guy’s advice, considering he’s not doing so hot with his own relationship. Steve’s not a bad guy, just dumb.
At the junkyard, Dustin and Steve meet Lucas and Max. They’re going to try luring the “baby Demogorgon.” Max proves pretty useful, she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and work. They all fortify the place. As they wait afterwards, Max gets to know Lucas better, telling him about her family, her stepbrother. He offers encouragement, being pretty sweet in a non-douchey way. Then they all hear a scream in the night. Dart emerges from the fog. When the creature won’t take the bait, Steve plays hero and puts himself in harm’s way. Except there’s two creatures now. Steve cracks one, but has to retreat to a bus where they all hide. The creatures attack the bus, before inexplicably wandering off. The group of friends hear howling in the distance for a while. After that the creatures are gone.
IMG_0161Dr. Owens has Will looking at the pictures taken in his house. He points out a spot on his map. He only knows it’s a place the monster’s trying to hide. This gives the DoE another target. They head for the tunnels below using the boy’s map. Further in, the soldiers near the marked location. They cross the boneyard where Hopper nearly died.
A fog moves into the area, just like in the junkyard before. “The spy” from the Upside Down has put the DoE soldiers right in the middle of a trap, leaving the team of men to be eaten alive in the foggy darkness by those now teenage Demogorgons. Nom nom. When they’re done their meal, they’re headed topside. Goddamn.
IMG_0163Holy shit, that was a wild episode! There’s some crazy action about to get going. Next episode ought to be a lot of good fun.
“Chatper Seven – The Lost Sister” is coming up.

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