Stranger Things— SEASON 3 FINALE: “Chapter Eight – The Battle of Starcourt”

Many sacrifices will be made to save Hawkins, and the world.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter Six – E Pluribus Unum”

El seeks the source at great detriment to herself. Robin and Steve are in big Soviet trouble.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter Five – The Flayed”

Nancy, Jonathan, and the kids join forces while Chief Hopper and Joyce flee the big Russian.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter Four – The Sauna Test”

Will and his friends look for the Mind Flayer. Nancy and Hopper uncover new info about Starcourt.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter Three – The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”

El and Max search for the missing lifeguard. Robin cracks the Soviet code.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter Two – The Mall Rats”

Dustin tries to crack the Soviet code. Nancy and Jonathan find diseased rats. Eleven makes a relationship decision.

Stranger Things— Season 3: “Chapter One – Suzie, Do You Copy?”

Hawkins, Indiana is experiencing strange things once more. And it's connected to the Soviet Union.

Stranger Things – Season 2: “Chapter Nine – The Gate”

Eleven attempts to close the gate she once opened. Joyce gives a last ditch attempt at saving her son.