American Horror Story – Apocalypse, Episode 7: “Traitor”

FX’s American Horror Story
Season 8, Episode 7: “Traitor”
Directed by Jennifer Lynch
Written by Adam Penn

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Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.15.39 PMDinah (Adina Porter) was once doing some real Haitian Voudou shit. She was a mambo. She tore the heart out of a living woman. We see her go visit a bourgeois lady, getting payment for finishing off the woman sleeping with her husband. The heart went in a blender with a few other choice ingredients, then the mixture’s went down the husband’s throat. “The Vodou queen can fix any problem,” Dinah told the woman, having fixed the adulterer.
When Dinah left she found Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) outside. They talked about Marie being sent to hell, the former Vodou queen, which left Dinah as the main lady. Cordelia wanted to talk to Papa Legba (Lance Reddick), hoping the priestess could help arrange a meeting.
We’re given a look at A Christmas to Dismember with Bubbles McGee a.k.a Evie Gallant (Joan Collins), who slashed her husband to death on the night before Santa’s arrival. This is a throwback to Tales from the Crypt segment called “And All Through the House” (which was adapted from a comic in the early ’50s called The Vault of Horror [#35]) starring – you betcha – none other than Ms. Joan Collins herself! Absolutely amazing addition to this season. The scene was cut in the middle, as Bubbles took a break— and she could read minds, too. SHE WAS A WITCH! She was visited by Madison (Emma Roberts). These two are beyond generations apart. Madison was there to let the old woman know she’d “been summoned.” The coven needed every last ounce of power they can manage. The two witches met Myrtle (Frances Conroy) to talk over their course of action, coercing Bubbles into helping read Ariel’s (Jon Jon Briones) soul at Hawthorne.
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.21.02 PMDinah was helping Cordelia take a meeting with Papa Legba, advising her this wasn’t something to take nonchalantly. They began the ceremony, as the Vodou queen called out to the dark spirit. Then, he came. Legba already knew about “the Antichrist” Michael Langdon (Cody Fern)— he knows everything. Cordelia wanted Legba to open the gates of the Underworld so she could lure Michael down there and trap him. Papa reveals his “greatest offering“: Nan (Jamie Brewer). Nan finds Hell to be a great time! For Cordelia to get her coup, she needs to offer Papa a sacrifice. What does he want? All Ms. Goode’s girls. Whoa. She refused the offer, and Legba went back to his dark home once again.
Speaking of the girls, Mallory (Billie Lourd), Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) were sitting around the school in New Orleans wondering about Michael. They were interrupted by Coco (Leslie Grossman), who was discovering new food powers. She was able to count calories instead of only sussing out gluten. Coco almost choked to death on a snowball, when Mallory did a witchy tracheotomy on her to get the pesky food out. The witches were surprised by Mallory’s powers, and it was clear she was a strong witch. Could she be a key (or, one of them) later for reversing the apocalypse? Hmm. She’s definitely going to serve a larger purpose. Meanwhile, Cordelia was fading worse all the time. The emergence of a new Supreme meant she was withering and becoming weaker. Zoe believes Mallory is actually the emerging Supreme.
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.33.38 PM

“Now not only will your girls die, but six billion other people will, too.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 1.38.05 PMMyrtle and Bubbles went to Hawthorne, where they prepared a meal in forgiveness for Baldwin (BD Wong) and Ariel. The witches presented themselves as a way of uniting the covens, trying to mend bridges. The four of them sat together eating, and after some time Bubbles read their souls. Bubbles heard Ariel refer to Moore (Cheyenne Jackson) as a “pile of ash” and both of the warlocks hoped silently to see the end of all the witches.
Back at the Miss Robicheaux’s, the witches celebrated the hopeful rise of Mallory. But Chablis (Billy Porter), amongst the women, reminded them they have to keep their minds on the Antichrist: “Michael was born evil.” Cordelia wanted to celebrate in case it was final night together. She realised the possible horrors ahead. She told everyone about an incident two years prior to the eventual apocalypse, when she performed a ritual, cutting open her hand and burning over an open flame. She called Myrtle back from the grave— finally, an explanation! Cordelia needed help for what was coming, so she brought back her old friend. From there, the witches got proactive. They went to the spot where Moore was burned, conjuring his ashes through Zoe. Then Mallory brought the man back to life to show her strength with the “Seventh Wonder.” At once, they confirmed a new Supreme and also confirm the deviousness of the warlocks. Ahhhh— this is why they had to put Mallory under an identity spell for later, no? Further than that, Moore told the witches about being murdered by Miriam (Kathy Bathes).
Later, Cordelia went to Coco about Miriam, wanting the “walking nutrition label” to help her with the woman. While Ms. Mead was out getting ingredients for stew with a “Satanic zing,” she was stalked by Coco, who almost wound up getting herself killed before Cordelia’s goons hauled Miriam off. Lucky Coco was more like bait than the actual plan itself.


Baldwin perfected a powder that only works on women. They were going to use it like anthrax to kill the witches. Cordelia and the ladies were lurking at Hawthorne, already prepared for this warlock plan. They referenced Agnes Sampson as having created a similar formula made for men in the late 16th century— she was a Scottish healer, accused of witchcraft. Cordelia showed the warlocks her powers hadn’t gone anywhere yet. Then they took the warlocks and Miriam to be burned at the stake. Because a “condemned warlock” cannot be burned be burned by a witch Cordelia had Moore there to light the flame. Miriam ranted and laughs before the flames consumed her and the warlocks alive. She revelled in death.


“I’ve seen the end. I bear witness to the darkness. Father— take me in your arms, your kingdom is nigh!”

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 3.12.33 PMWhat a goddamn episode! This season has been one of Father Gore’s favourites, up there with the best of them. It’s only promising to get wilder in the lead up to the end. “Sojourn” is next time.

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