Counterpart – Season 2, Episode 3: “Something Borrowed”


Starz’s Counterpart
Season 2, Episode 3: “Something Borrowed”
Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Written by Tom Pabst

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Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.42.25 AMIt’s been a while since we’ve seen Baldwin (Sara Serraiocco). She’s watching Greta (Liv Lisa Fries) from afar, seeing she’s with somebody. But these are the least of her worries, really. She’s drugged and snatched off the streets by someone coming from out of nowhere in the shadows. Is this Indigo related? Is the OI? Not easy to tell with an assassin such as Baldwin.
Ambassador Claude Lambert (Guy Burnet) and his Prime counterpart have an interesting relationship, as he watches his double fuck a woman while stroking one out in the chair next to the bed. This is only the … tip … of the iceberg. Yuck— just one of those many weird possibilities another YOU can allow the twisted mind.
In his cell, Howard Silk (J.K. Simmons) has to take some “immunisations” before heading off to Echo. He’s given pills by Osman (Karan Oberoi). He tells him one last time: “Im not a spy.” Despite Howard’s claims he’s being shipped off to the secretive facility, transported in clandestine fashion with a black bag over his head in the back of a rental truck.
Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.48.11 AMHoward Prime continues to help Emily (Olivia Williams) with her memory. He plays it pretty simple for her, being the man she expects. He heads off to work, but he actually meets Remy (Caleb Frederick), asking about any other people from “Section 2” there in the Alpha world. Remy’s team was there when the doors closed and things got seriously bad. He wants to go on the offensive and find Lambert, they can turn him in as good will, whereas Howard Prime tells him to wait a little longer. The biggest question = who knows Howard Prime’s there in the Alpha world? Well, Remy’s team are the ones who grabbed Baldwin, and the assassin wants to chat. Baldwin wants Howard to help her, and he wants her to help with Lambert. Is he sure this won’t blow up in his face?
At home, Peter Quayle (Harry Lloyd) walks a dangerous line, spying on his spy wife. He listens to her recording of the conversation with Lambert. This only gives him more reason to be concerned and worried about what his wife may be doing behind his back. Later on a train, Clare meets another contact to let him know his cell has “been activated.” He’s a face from her past she doesn’t immediately remember.
Emily Prime and Ian Shaw (Nicholas Pinnock) dig further into the travel of her counterpart. She believes Management have been covering her travel over the Crossing similarly to how they’ve swept things up re: Mira (Christiane Paul). She wants to dig deeper, and Ian will help, he just emphasises caution, especially given the Red Scare-like air around the OI on either side.
When Howard is brought to the next facility he’s scanned and given tests before being admitted. When he’s inside he meets Peter Prime, who’s quite mentally troubled and fascinated to find out his Alpha self is an important person at the UN. People at Echo are essentially “harvested” for their memories/etc so they can be used against the person’s double. The place is run by a warden named Yanek (James Cromwell).
Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 2.49.55 AMEmily gets a visit at home from Naya Temple (Betty Gabriel) looking to talk, hoping to jog the woman’s memory with files from work. Now THIS is very curious. Emily’s told about the Indigo attack and the 18 deaths at the UN. She recognises pieces of the information, except it’s like a shattered puzzle in her head, and she briefly remembers being in the Prime world. After more conversation, Emily drops a piece of knowledge that Naya finds most compelling, after hearing Aldrich was killed and presumed to be Shadow: “Isnt Shadow a woman?”
At Echo, Howard finally meets with Yanek. The warden’s impressed with his bicuspids. He asks why Howard refuses to spy on his wife for Management. The men talk about differences between the two versions of one man. The warden’s trying to instil a sense of distrust between Alpha Howard and his Prime Other. He wants to disrupt his captive. And it’s possible he might’ve succeeded, even a tiny, tiny bit.
Ian goes looking to find the dead old man in Mira’s wake. He searches the property, discovering a hole dug in the yard and covered up. He digs it out and locates a suitcase buried underneath, wrapped in plastic. At the same time, Emily Prime is at the UN looking through files to try and uncover what her counterpart was doing prior to her accident.
Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.01.05 AM

“You have learned how to deny almost any truth, haven’t you?”

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.07.31 AMEmily Prime goes to meet a man she saw in the files concerning her counterpart, the owner of Langston Motors. He explains the other Emily had possible evidence suggesting the “viral strain” that caused the epidemic in the Prime world originated from the Alpha side. Things went sideways after that, and he was cut off from contact with the Alpha Emily following a shakeup at work. He tells Emily Prime about a place her Other had that was meant for secret info. Could she possibly be able to remember what her Other knows? Hmm. Sounds like the stuff that goes on at Echo.
When Peter leads a mission going off the intel he’s intercepted from his wife, he puts himself, Naya, and a team full of men in danger after they come under sniper fire from a nearby building. He’s walked directly into a trap. This sends him home to his spy wife fuming while she plays coy. He confronts Clare angrily. The ambush was actually meant for Clare, arranged by Lambert, and this all backfired, exposing the reluctant husband-wife team as working together, albeit tenuously, putting them at further risk of assassination. That’s when Howard Prime comes to their door for a “grown up talk” with them both about Mr. Lambert.
At Echo, the real Howard runs into a man whose double he previously knew, and this guy’s very pissed at HIS Other, which puts him in a violent position. A bunch of men kick the shit out of Howard, leaving him broken and bloodied on the floor. Things at this facility can get a whole lot worse than they have already.
Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 3.38.09 AMThings are getting real serious now. “Point of Departure” is next time.

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