Tin Star – Season 2, Episode 7: “Metanoia”

Sky Atlantic’s Tin Star
Season 2, Episode 7: “Metanoia”
Directed by Sue Tully
Written by Rowan Joffe

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screen shot 2019-01-29 at 2.45.08 amJack (Tim Roth) has Elizabeth (Christina Hendricks) with him back up at the house, and she’s unsure of what exactly is about to happen. At the same time, Cst. Denise Minahik (Sarah Podemski) has decided what’s necessary is she sticks to her Indigenous roots. She removes her police uniform, that symbol of state power, donning her braids and wearing symbols of her people to pay respects to Jaclyn as she’s laid to rest.
At the house, Jack tells Elizabeth: “I used to murder people.” He already has the drugs, so there’s nothing she can offer in exchange for whatever he’s going to do with her. Surprisingly he gives her a bunch of money rather than hurt her in any way like she imagines is about to happen. Elizabeth packs the cash away in her suitcase and takes the opportunity to get away from that place. A murderer’s getting away— Jaclyn remains dead and gone.
Anna (Abigail Lawrie) starts asking her mother Angela (Genevieve O’Reilly) about things in their past. She wonders if, like Simon (Oliver Coopersmith), she was conceived as “part of a job” in Jack’s undercover days. Mom’s insistent this isn’t the case at all. However, the past of Angela and Jack is still partly a mystery. Anything could be truth or fiction. Back at the house, Jack lays out the drugs for Johan (John Lynch), who tries calling his Mexican contact to offer up the package. The pastor somehow thinks things will be fine, whereas the copper knows it’s not so easy. “Where is your God now?” Jack asks, provoking an angry response from the holy drug smuggler.
screen shot 2019-01-29 at 3.05.10 am

met·a·noi·a (medəˈnoiə):
change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.

screen shot 2019-01-29 at 3.05.18 amAn interesting thing, to see Jack scared. We’ve watched him tear through Little Big Bear for a whole season. Now that the past is nipping at his heels he’s starting to get shaky. Compelling contrast with the pastor, as well. We see Jack’s own choices reflected in Johan, whose grave mistakes have not only come to bear upon his family, they’ve come to all but destroy the wholesome community of which he’s been a part, bringing destruction and doubt to anyone around him. He and Jack are two peas in a pod, they just believe in different things entirely.
Johan says a potential goodbye to his family. Before he goes to drop the package, maybe never to return, his daughter gives him the gun she was given by the Worths. Might be the line between life and death. He heads to an old grain farm where he’s supposed to meet his contact. When he goes into one of the buildings, he comes back out to see the drugs are no longer in his truck.
While Jack is hallucinating visions of Simon, Frank (an Puleston-Davies) is trying not to let the paranoia drive him utterly mad, sitting facing the door to his fancy hotel room while he eats room service. He’s waiting for a visitor— for Jack. And Jack’s come to see him after all. He makes the claim Simon is, in fact, the son+nephew of Frank. Once again, accusations of rape and incest. Jack decides to call Helen, forcing Frank to apologise for what he did all those years ago. The brother breaks down, admitting to his hideous act. But admitting’s “not enough, is it?”
Soundtrack note: “Blues Run the Game” by Jackson C. Frank plays during the car ride Jack takes Frank on, the ghostly Simon in the backseat, to a secluded place where they can put an end to their ugly history. An interesting moment— for all the violence of Tin Star, we never actually see what happens to Frank at the end of his drive with Jack. We’re left to assume he’s dead. Yet, can we assume it? He did let Elizabeth go, but this is a more personal situation. No telling.
screen shot 2019-01-29 at 3.20.57 amCan life get back to normal in Little Big Bear?
Can Johan fight the good fight?
The Worths sit together in the trailer for a drink together, unaware of what’s become of Rosa on her way out of town. Her horse is left stranded in its carrier, the truck half off the road, and Rosa’s nowhere to be found. “Wild Flower” is next and promises to be an intense chapter near the finish of this excellent Season 2.

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