Room 104 – Season 2, Episode 7: “The Man and the Baby and the Man”

HBO’s Room 104
Season 2, Episode 7: “The Man and the Baby and the Man”
Directed by Josephine Decker
Written by Decker & Onur Tukel

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Room 104 2x07 "The Man and the Baby and the Man"Erol (Onur Tukel) is filming, lying in the bed of Room 104 when Rosie (Josephine Decker) comes through the door. She has the wrong room. He invites her in anyway. They start chatting while Erol continues filming. She takes her shirt off, tossing it on the floor, and we start to understand this is actually a couple spicing things up at the motel together. She presents to be married with a child. He wants to “keep it fiscal” with the backstory. He wants the “primal woman” in her.
So they try it over again, a little differently. They switch it up after a bit so Erol’s the one coming into the room. He’s only got a pair of underwear on and a bra. She asks him to come in and play the guitar for her. None of it’s really working for them. They try their best, except it’s all a rough attempt to shed their insecurities.
Erol and Rosie are trying to conceive. They want to have a baby and agreed to film the act. They talk to the potential baby out in the “celestial orbits” via the camera. Things get a bit raw and honest and biological. It’s a mix of atheism and religion. Erol doesn’t believe in God, whereas Rosie seems to have a deep sense of faith and spirituality.
Room 104 2x07 "The Man and the Baby and the Man"She worries this is turning into a “porn video” instead of something loving and beautiful. Things progress and they have sex. Rosie’s giving Erol a lot of instructions, then she’s pissed off to see he’s actually been filming. She doesn’t like how it’s all going while he just wants to preserve their conception on film.
After a bit they get back to it and she’s fine with the video. This time it’s more romantic. They make love. They finish. But he pulls out instead of trying to cum inside her and actually make a baby. She turns the camera on him to confront the truth. She isn’t so sure about his love for her. Rosie asks if he actually wants kids and he totally ignores the question. The situation’s quickly descending into something ugly. She feels betrayed by him. After a while she gets angrier, throwing things at him for the lies he’s clearly told. “Ive wanted to leave him for so long,” Rosie tells the still rolling camera, talking about all the better options she has than Erol.
Room 104 2x07 "The Man and the Baby and the Man"He tries to calm things down, singing a song and playing the guitar. She can’t stand to even be around him at this point. She tries to leave but he won’t let her go. After more arguing, he moves out of the way and she leaves: “I love you, Erol, I just hate you.” He sits on the bed to cry by himself. When she comes back for her phone he admits to not being ready for a child. He’s scared. She breaks down crying, too. They start to make up. They kiss, getting intimate. They start to have sex again. This time Erol cums inside Rosie. Maybe that’ll do the trick— maybe.
Sometimes relationships are difficult. Sometimes we get mad at each other. Sometimes we hurt each other. Now and then we walk away in anger, or in fear, or in guilt. If we keep talking, if we continue to work at it, things can always get better so long as the relationship isn’t toxic for either party. A relationship doesn’t have to be perfect to work, and many times they’re not. If you last through the thick and the thin, it’ll be what you make of it.
Room 104 2x07 "The Man and the Baby and the Man"A tender, messy look at relationships moving into new stages. Weird, funny, and awkward at times. “A Nightmare” is next.

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