Hanna – Season 1, Episode 4: “Father”

Amazon Prime’s Hanna
Season 1, Episode 4: “Father”
Directed by Jon Jones
Written by David Farr

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Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Joel KinnamanDieter (Benno Fürmann) takes Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) to a safe location in the getaway car. He tells her to “say nothing” of Erik (Joel Kinnaman). He’s brought her to his place in a quiet little villa. Meanwhile, dad’s hunted by the German police. Jacobs (Andy Nyman) isn’t having any luck, either. He’s pissed about their “off the fucking radar” mission getting blasted across Berlin media. He gets a call from Marissa (Mireille Enos) claiming she’s got Heller.
We know that’s not true. What’s the ruse?
Jacobs goes to a cafe to meet Marissa. She tells him to go back to his car, where he sees his driver’s dead. Marissa is actually being kept in an old water tower. Jacobs realises he’s at the end of Erik’s gun before he has a chance to breathe.
At the house, Hanna sees news coverage on her father. She sees the lie about him supposedly murdering her mother and wonders if there’s any truth to it. After all, she knows nothing of her father’s existence before she came along. We know he never murdered Johanna (Joanna Kulig). Probably hard for his daughter to reconcile what she hears about Erik with what she can actually know.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Andy NymanIn the tower, Erik sits across from his hostage. He reels off what he now knows about Marissa’s life. He gets down to business fast and she can see he isn’t fucking around. Marissa tries to appeal to his sympathy. Tough when dealing with a man who was trying to right a wrong when she tried to kill him. Afterwards, Erik brings Jacobs into the room and shoots him in the head: “Just so you know Im serious.”

Apart from what Hanna wonders of her father, she’s beginning to see more of what she’s missed out on in a regular life with a regular family. She watches Dieter wrestle with his boys. She helps his wife Sima (Narges Rashidi) make food. A world away from the existence she led in the woods cut off from the normal structures of society.
When Dieter has to go out for work that night Hanna follows him. She’s fed up not knowing what’s going on. He’s an exporter of cauliflower— who also helps refugees slip into England. There’s a lot his own wife doesn’t know. Hannah sneaks to the old tower. She eavesdrops on her father and his friends, hearing them speak of Erik deceiving his daughter about “the truth.” She’s nearly caught before escaping.
Hanna wanders her way into a huge church. She hears the voices of a choir echoing off the walls. She gazes up at all the awe-inspiring architecture. Back at the house, she has a sweet moment over a late night yogurt with one of Dieter’s little boys. One of the most genuine human connections she’s had, apart from Sophie, since making it out into the world. The next morning, she’s snooping to locate the package Dieter was given to send to British newspapers in case something goes wrong on Erik’s end. She does. There’s info about her mother and Utrax, along with Erik’s signature. The info on her father is left UNKNOWN. Hanna’s entire world as she knew it has shifted.

Erik, Elsa (Katharina Heyer), and Rudi (Stefan Rudolf) send Marissa out from the tower to have a meeting with Carl Meisner (Justin Salinger). They make Marissa tell him she has Heller captured. She says there’s “highly sensitive information” in regards to “U.S. national security” and so she’d like to get a rendition flight and work around jurisdiction. But did she somehow leave a message for him with her coffee? Carl’s got troubles back at the office. Questions are asked about Utrax/Marissa he doesn’t want to answer. A higher up at the CIA, Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdalla), is sure Erik’s behind the Marissa meeting. He hopes to use this to reel Heller in. They’ve also spotted a glimpse of Hanna on CCTV around the city, from when she was out adventuring.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Berlin Church

“It’s a selfish little muscle, the heart.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - UtraxYears ago, Johanna decided she wanted her child back. She tried to go to Erik, but he told her it was futile. She’d even named the baby Hanna. This is when Erik’s guilt began to eat away at him. In present day, Marissa says she “scorched the earth” at Utrax because of him. They had to kill off all their human experiments. Nazi Germany-level heinousness.

The past will follow you

Everything’s set for Erik and Hanna to leave. Dieter takes the two of them to go catch their flight. At the water tower, Rudi puts the silencer on his gun and readies himself to kill Marissa when he’s gunned down instead. Marissa’s saved by Sawyer. He’s actually there on behalf of Utrax(!!!). The secrets run deep.
Erik and Hanna go to board the plane but she refuses until he tells her the truth. She doesn’t believe he’s her actual father. She’s feeling the ultimate betrayal at the worst possible moment. Worst is this lie leads Hanna to believe he might have actually killed her mother. She takes off into the night. Erik has armed soldiers firing on him before long. He’s chased into the trees, vehicles coming from every direction. Sawyer fires a couple bullets in Erik, then Elsa and Dieter get their friend and manage to get out.
Elsewhere at Dieter’s business, another truck is loaded with refugees looking to cross the border. Along the way a few men see there’s another passenger: Hanna. Will she go looking for Sophie?
Soundtrack note: “The Answer” by Savages plays over the end credits
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Mireille EnosMore action. More backstory. More character development.
Yes, Hanna is proving itself as a series, chapter by chapter. Father Gore can’t get enough with each passing episode. “Town” is next.


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    I get so caught up reading your summaries I forget to actually watch! Lol

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    1. Father Gore says:

      Haha I take that as a huge compliment, Alex! Thanks for reading. (How do you find the show so far???)


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