Happy! – Season 2, Episode 4: “Blitzkrieg!!!”

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Syfy’s Happy!
Season 2, Episode 4: “Blitzkrieg!!!”
Directed by Joseph Kahn
Written by Ken Kristensen

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Meet Dayglo Doug (Curtis Armstrong)! He was a children’s entertainer, former host of his own show on cable access: Dayglo Doug’s Power Hour. Sonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald) clearly extorted him with the blackmail tape. But, to what end?
We see Doug doing his final show, explaining to the kids it’s all over. He’s replaced by Sonny— where the eerie legacy began— who threatened to reveal him as an “aficionado” of “World War II” to the fullest, worst extent. Mr. Shine started out in this world by taking people down. Sad to see Doug stripped of his creation, despite his predilection for Nazi Germany memorabilia. He’s also tricked into delivering a Nazi salute to seal the deal.

On the road, Nick Sax (Chris Meloni) and Happy (Patton Oswalt) are joined by Merry McCarthy (Lili Mirojnick). They’re going to an assisted living facility, Alpine Memories. They’re trying to find Dayglo Doug a.k.a Doug Thorne. They quickly locate Doug, performing onstage for the seniors. A rough existence.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Christopher Fitzgerald and Curtis ArmstrongSonny’s having his statue dong re-sculpted as the cops ask what happened at the mansion. Bebe’s (Ann-Margret) claims of a “blue unicorn” are dismissed. The man of the house is angry, wondering who robbed his place. Meanwhile, Dayglo Doug’s not giving up much info as Nick and Merry pretend they’re cops under “deep cover.” Nothing’s convincing the guy to talk. Except when they bolster his ego. Any coincidence a scene featuring Sonny’s big dick leads to a scene mentioning two dudes— Milton Berle and John Holmes— with legendary big dicks? Hilarious.

In prison, Blue (Ritchie Coster) is confronted with an Exorcist III-like image of himself on the ceiling, only it’s the demon, Orcus. Their relationship is difficult. Quite antagonistic, or downright shitty, really. Orcus is going to use his meat-sleeve to full advantage. He plans to build “an army” within the prison, made up of murderers, arsonists, rapists, etc.

Doug tells us of Sonny Shine’s origins— he used to be a fan who just couldn’t grow up. He kept coming to the Power Hour, even after he was far too old. Things got stranger and stranger after the Wishies became a part of his gig. Doug never liked them. Something was unsettling about their presence. At the same time, Nick discovers the whole facility is full of Nazi lovers, genuine fascists, and Doug’s been stuck with actual “Stasi scum.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Ritchie Coster

“How come they never showed this on The Golden Girls?”

“Lesbian fairy tale”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Christopher FitzgeraldPoor Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) gets another creepy visit from Smoothie (Patrick Fischler), paraphrasing Notting Hill, claiming he’s been protecting her. He’s stalking, using instances of bullying to help ingratiate himself to her. He’s acting like a friend. Surely a ruse to lure her in further. Doesn’t help that her mother hasn’t been telling her the full truth about ANYTHING, because it puts doubt in Hailey’s mind.
Might lead down a potentially dark path. Uh oh.

Shit gets real at Alpine Memories when Merry and Nick try to get Doug out of there, confronted by the Proud Boy orderlies looking to prevent their escape. The place becomes even less friendly than before. This prompts the pair to throw down hard. Even the old Nazis fight— Sax grabs a colostomy bag by accident sending a bag of shit flying.
ONE OF THE SINGLE MOST HILARIOUS AND BRUTAL ACTION SEQUENCES IN YEARS! If anybody’s sensitive to watching old people get their asses kicked, or being killed, you may want to avoid this one. That last head stomp? “Auf Wiedersehen,” indeed.

Merry talks with Doug about the Wishies potentially being… not human. This holds no interest for Sax. He’s hungry, so he spreads jam on bread— a strange looking jam. It’s actually liquid Merry took from when she shot one of the Wishies. OH, GOOD GOD! She doesn’t realise her buddy Sax has ingested it. He’s already having troubles, though taking a shit won’t solve all of them. He has to fight a crazy octopus-like jelly entity coming from the toilet. He tries flushing, only making the thing angrier.

In prison, Orcus strolls down to see the Russians, after killing a bunch of them in the toilet recently. He talks about how things were in ancient times, when he was worshipped and sacrificed “black sheep” as a gesture of reverence. Then he forces one of the Russians to cut off his own hand. After that, he forces the man to drive the cleaver into a couple other awful places, wielding horrific power.
The demon now has a gang under his thumb.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Toilet Jam

“Sax, stop killing people!”

“C’mon, Mare— they’re Nazis.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - The WishiesHappy! manages to get weirder all the time. Not in a way that doesn’t work— in a way that, against all odds, makes Father Gore more interested every episode. There’s so much to this world that’s been built.
And so much more to be revealed.
“19 Hours and 13 Minutes” is next time.

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