Slasher – Solstice, Episode 3: “12 pm to 3 pm”

Netflix’s Slasher
Season 3, Episode 3: “12 pm to 3pm”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Duana Taha

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Blood CoffeeA year ago, Jen Rijkers (Mercedes Morris) and her brother Connor (Gabriel Darku) heard yelling and screaming. Amber Ciotti (Joanne Vannicola) and her partner— Jen and Connor’s mother, Justine— fought a lot. They were talking about “Nazi piece of shit” Dan Olensky (Dean McDermott) possibly harassing them.
Justine stormed out with a gas can into the parking lot. She screamed at the neighbours: “Youre always watching.” Then she poured gas over herself and lit a lighter right as her children came out trying to save her. Again, everybody stood there… watching.

Today, in the coffee shop, the homeless guy (Bill Moseley) is being interviewed by Detective Roberta Hanson (Lisa Berry), trying to explain his cup full of blood. It’s obvious he had nothing to do with Xander’s murder. This leaves the cops with nothing, except all the barista’s blood all over the place.
In the break room at school, Kaili Greenberg (Erin Karpluk) is texting with her sexy dude friend while chatting with other teachers. She’s concerned about Saadia Jalalzai (Baraka Rahmani) being attacked by a ridiculous white girl. Her friend brushes it off foolishly, more interested in Kaili’s text buddy and his penis.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Sex and VioletsSpeaking of Saadia, she and Jen are trying to track down her missing phone. They use a locator, which shows it’s inside the school. Jen gets a text from Connor about Violet Dimashke’s (Paula Brancati) blog— Sex & Violets. There’s a new post commemorating the horrific events one year prior, including a video of the horrifying, fiery death of their mother. Poor Jen’s teased about it at school by a real loser, too.

Violet’s acting righteous online when people rightfully call her out about posting such a despicable video. Her “#tragic” is deeply, darkly hilarious. Husband Joe (Ilan Muallem) is disgusted. She throws the cheating back in his face, using their ruined marriage as a prospective spectacle for the vlog to make a point.

A year ago, Jen and her mother ran into Kit Jennings (Robert Cormier) being blown in the hallway. Not cool, dude. Ms. Greenberg also became acquainted with Kit in the laundry room, introducing herself and trying to show him how to fold clothes. She tried offering advice, mixed with sexual tension, and he shut her down hard.

In the school parking lot, Jen’s feeling paranoid. She probably should be— the Druid’s lurking with his axe. She sees someone dressed like him, believing it couldn’t be the real killer. It’s definitely him. He rushes after her, swinging the axe. Everybody watches, laughing. Only Saadia screams for help, setting off a car alarm that eventually forces the Druid to flee. In the aftermath, Ms. Greenberg blames the guy who teased Jen, though he adamantly denies being involved.
And the real Druid’s still out there.

We see that a year ago, after Kit died on the pavement, Justine took a picture of his body. She tweeted it with a nasty message, mocking him for being an addict and slut shaming him, as if he deserved death. Context reveals she wasn’t quite righteous like it appeared earlier. The tweet blew up online, bringing a world of hate down on Justine’s family. This began an awful chain of events. People found out their home address, their phone numbers, and the threats started pouring in.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Druid Selfie

“But we have all been victims”

Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Reap What You SowThe girl who accidentally ran Kit over that night a year prior, Amy Chao (Rosie Simon), works out her issues with virtual reality video games, chopping down zombies and conquering the undead. She gets surprised by a visit from Dt. Hanson. She works from home— where she lives with the hispter coffee douche— testing games for a living. She’s asked about Xander, who’s missing. She doesn’t have any idea what could’ve happened.

At the very same moment, Ms. Greenberg’s knocked out in her car by the Druid. Uh oh.

A year ago, Justine and Amber arrived home to a spray painted door and drunk Dan hovering in the shadows, talking more white nationalist rhetoric about “me and my people” before making a rotten sexual gesture at the couple. Saadia and her parents walked by, though said nothing and went on to their apartment.
In current day, it’s causing problems when Amber doesn’t want Saadia at their place. Saadia admits to Jen that she didn’t do anything when she saw her moms being harassed. She feels guilty. She’s an honourable woman, which Jen sees.

One year before, Ms. Greenberg was talking to a friend after having a super shitty date. She sat in her car and wept, before noticing Kit stumbling home from the solstice party all fucked up. He wanted a ride a short way down the road and she refused. Probably a point of guilt for her.
And now, she wakes strapped down to a table at school. The Druid’s doing a dissection on her like she has the students do on frogs. A sloppy, vicious process. He cuts a few pieces after making the first couple incisions, then hauls Kaili’s torso open wide. Her corpse is soon discovered by delinquent students, free of all its organs.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Rape the ReapersFather Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Teacher DissectionAnother great entry in Season 3.
Father Gore’s been enjoying this one just as much as Guilty Party, if not more, honestly. To each their own. Each episode brings more and more intrigue, as well as more and more blood. Many interesting deaths / kill scenes.

“3 pm to 6 pm” is next.

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