Slasher – Solstice, Episode 4: “3 pm to 6 pm”

Netflix’s Slasher
Season 3, Episode 4: “3 pm to 6 pm”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Ian Carpenter

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Dissection Exam20 years ago, Amy (Emma Ho) was in the car with her parents. Her father took a call on the car phone, resulting in a brutal crash. Her mother and father didn’t survive. No wonder it’s been so traumatic for grownup Amy (Rosie Simon) after accidentally running Kit Jennings (Robert Cormier) over. She’s already got enough trauma.

Detective Hanson (Lisa Berry) is at the high school science lab crime scene, where Coroner Lucie (Tiio Horn) goes over the corpse of Ms. Greenberg, confirming the woman was alive for most of the violence. Lucie thinks whoever did it might have medical knowledge / training. Perhaps someone working in “a funeral home.” Dt. Hanson remembers that Kaili lives in Clayborne Apartments, where Kit was killed, Justine set herself on fire, and Frank lived before he was murdered earlier today. It’s all coming together for her.

A year ago, Kit ran into Amy in the laundry room. They smoked a joint, which he “sprinkled a little dust” on without telling her beforehand. This didn’t stop her from puffing. He talked about drugs making him feel amazing, whereas she got that same feeling from gaming. He liked the “too much of it all” of a high, and being a “bi poly slut.” He wanted to teach her about it all, and she seemed kinda interested. But they were interrupted by her partner, Xander (Jim Watson).
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Erin KarplukWhen Violet (Paula Brancati) gets rambling about the Druid to Amy it gets the latter thinking of her missing partner. Amy tries to call Xander, getting no answer. Then Ms. Sex & Violets is trying to come up with an idea for her webcam show revolving around all the tragedy. She runs into Angel Lopez (Salvatore Antonio) later and it gets nasty between them— “if I was the killer” rings eerie, doesn’t it?
Meanwhile, Jen (Mercedes Morris) and Saadia (Baraka Rahmani) are getting worried about all the horror, particularly with Ms. Greenberg turning up butchered. They wonder if the Druid’s watching everyone in the building.

Dt. Hanson shows up looking around Clayborne. She speaks with Saadia. The cop ends up in a chaotic storm of residents yelling once Dan Olensky (Dean McDermott) gets talking about his missing daughter. Angel chimes in, like the others, with how he feels about the neo-Nazi down the hall. Shit goes sideways as Dan drops gay slurs, spitting in Angel’s face, forcing Dt. Hanson to lay hands on the old prick to settle him down.

Amy gets a reply from Xander. We know the difference, don’t we? She goes to meet him at a place called Gamerz. She sees Xander sitting silently in a chair, back on to her. When she turns him around she sees the bloody state in which the Druid left him.
Jump back a year prior. We see more of Amy’s asexuality, like before when she was with Kit. In bed, Xander tries to get her interested, but she’s just not into any of it. Until she introduces the VR headset. Some “robot porn,” if you will. Main takeaway is she seeks escape, even when connecting body-to-body. Unsettling once Xander looks at what Amy’s watching on her headset. He’s disturbed by what he sees.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Lisa Berry and Dean McDermottAt the latest crime scene, Dt. Hanson talks to Amy about what Xander was doing a year ago, the night Kit died. We go back to see Xander at the party boy’s door, searching for the spare key. He went inside to have a look around, finding lots of neon lighting and sex toys and weird art. He found a VR headset, too. Before getting a chance to be pissed, he heard Kit screaming for help in the hall, being stalked by the Druid. Kit couldn’t find the spare key to his own apartment. Xander could’ve let him in, but didn’t, and the Druid stabbed his victim more.

Dt. Hanson speaks with Amber Ciotti (Joane Vannicola), who’s not in a great headspace. The woman is barely hanging on. She knows the Druid is coming for everybody in the building. The cop doesn’t get anything out of her. It’s clearer all the time the whole of Clayborne is haunted by the past, and tortured by what’s happening in the present.

At a gamer spot, Amy gets online to do work while her apartment’s taken over by forensics. She’s put in the shoes of the Druid, watching what happened to her partner. She sees Xander beaten, bloodied, then viciously killed. She’s terrified. We again go back to the night Kit died. Xander stepped out of the guy’s apartment to see all the blood, then shot off an accusatory text to Amy about cheating on him. This text distracted Amy long enough to accidentally run Kit down.
In the bathtub at home, Amy uses a straight razor to cut open her wrist. She stops before going too far. Obviously she’s in tremendous psychological pain. She also clearly doesn’t want to die, despite feeling she’s hit rock bottom.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Joanne Vannicola

“This place is evil.
It brings out the worst in all of us.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Acid FaceAt the school, Dt. Hanson wanders into the bathroom eventually, where a gross bit of decomposing flesh slops to the floor, alerting her to where Cassidy’s body is rotting. Yuck.

Amy wakes later and notices the Druid standing behind her curtains. With a drill, the killer brings Amy back gruesomely to the conversation she had a year ago with Kit in the laundry room about “trepanation.” He bores a hole directly into her skull. After he’s finished, he puts her in the bath.

Soundtrack note: “Slowly” by Juggernaut Kid and Martha Bean closes out the episode
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - TrepanationAnother solid episode. The close look at Amy was as heartbreaking as it was intense. Love the focus on the different characters, giving us a glimpse into their backgrounds, and also how they’ve come to fall into the Druid’s murderous grasp.

“6 pm to 9 pm” is next.

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