Slasher – Solstice, Episode 5: “6 pm to 9 pm”

Netflix’s Slasher
Season 3, Episode 5: “6 pm to 9 pm”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Matt MacLennan

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - The DruidA year before at the solstice party, Kit Jennings (Robert Cormier) and Noelle Samuels (Paniz Zade) danced and made out. Today, Noelle stands at a vigil for Kit, lamenting how happy they were that night. After everyone leaves, Wyatt (Jefferson Brown) turns up drinking wine and doing “creeper shit” like he always does apparently. They were together once. Lots of ugly emotions. And, as we’ve seen throughout these episodes, Kit touched many lives by way of his free living lifestyle. Not long passes and Noelle’s caught off guard by the Druid. He throws a bag over her head, ties her upside down from a tree, and cuts her throat, letting the bag fill with her blood.

Ten months ago, Violet Dimashke (Paula Brancati) was working away on her website while her husband Joe (Ilan Muallem) felt neglected. Sex & Violets was new. She was already covering “the Druid Murder” and working to profit off the tragedy. Her husband was trying to spice up their love life. She was distracted by the website constantly. That’s around the time he started chatting with Angel Lopez (Salvatore Antonio).

Detective Roberta Hanson (Lisa Berry) has to deal with Violet lurking around getting content for her website. The vlogger tries to claim “freedom of the press,” almost getting her phone confiscated. She wants publicity and followers, unconcerned with the real life consequences of her digital actions. Sound familiar? It’s called Twitter.
Jen Rijkers (Mercedes Morris) and Connor (Gabriel Darku) are out with Saadia Jalalzai (Baraka Rahmani). They run into that asshole Charlie (Landon Norris), who tells them about “the Dead Pool.” People are betting who the Druid will kill next. Totally not weird or psychopathic at all.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Druid DollThere’s a package waiting for Violet when she gets home. It’s “fan mail.” She’s pumped to see what somebody sent her, desperate for all her “Violettas” to love and adore her, lavishing her with gifts. Joe says she ought to get the cops to look at the package first. Instead, she rips into it and finds a strange doll, along with a message to meet about the Druid case. She won’t listen to Joe, determined to meet whoever sent that package.
Dan Olensky (Dean McDermott) is home doing his keyboard warrior thing when someone sends him a link to Sex & Violets. It’s a post about Angel potentially being the one who killed Cassidy. This upsets Dan, but he’s sure it’s the work of terrorists because the victims have only been white people. An absolute idiot and horrible piece of shit.

Joe convinces Violet to escape until the Druid stuff is over. While getting their passports he bumps into Angel— whose recent run in with Amber Ciotti (Joanne Vannicola) was creepy, finding her in the hallway attempting witchcraft— and things have not ended between them. The confused husband’s going to come back to his lover, eventually. Right now, he goes back to his apartment and falls into bed with his wife. Violet’s also recording the whole thing. Oh, my.

At a park, a mom finds her little boy covered in blood— not his own. They’ve come upon the latest Druid murder, where Noel hangs from the tree, that bag full of her blood dripping everywhere. One year ago, the Druid was watching Noelle’s social media. He saw the picture with her kissing Kit. Could this lend more to the idea, including the opening scene, that Wyatt is the Druid? Too easy? Might be a red herring.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - White Right NowAngel’s cooking in the kitchen when he sees a notification about Violet’s page. She’s curating LGBTQ content now. She presents herself as “an ally” who’s championing her husband’s sexual identity. Angel also gets an e-mail with an attachment: the sex tape. This betrayal sends him into a tailspin of anger right as Joe comes to the door. Everything’s deteriorating worse and worse.
Later, Violet gets home to find Joe tied up. The killer’s in their apartment.

Dt. Hanson and Dt. Pujit Singh (Ishan Davé) are looking over photos from the solstice party, noticing Noelle and Kit were in the picture together. So, what’s the connection? How’d they both become victims of the Druid?
The detectives dig into Noelle’s life. Wyatt quickly comes up. They see all his stalker behaviour. He wears the same boots as the killer. Still feels too easy. Nevertheless, they arrest him. At his place they find a bag underneath his couch containing a bloody knife. He killed Noelle and he killed Kit. But, is he STILL the Druid?

We jump back to a year ago. Violet’s video of Justine was blowing up online and Joe was mortified by it. “They dont have to watch it if they dont want to,” she said, like a patronising, sentient piece of garbage. All about the fame, baby.
Her newest video will be the death of her husband. The Druid stabs Joe mercilessly in the groin, over and over, until it’s nothing but a pool of blood. When he’s done, he has Violet film her final video. She says goodbye to her fans and the Druid stabs her in the skull.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Knifed SkullKiller— pun intended— episode, and it takes the next few in the back half of the season into a wild direction. It’ll be a compelling stretch before the end.
“9 pm to 12 am” is next time.

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