Slasher – Solstice, Episode 7: “Midnight to 3 am”

Netflix’s Slasher
Season 3, Episode 7: “Midnight to 3 am”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Ian Carpenter

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Dean McDermottSaadia Jalalzai (Baraka Rahmani) and Connor Rijkers (Gabriel Darku) are hanging at her place after the rave, eating junk food and talking on the couch. They’ve got a thing for each other. Around back of the building in that room, Dan Olensky (Dean McDermott) tears himself free of Angel Lopez (Salvatore Antonio). A truly disgusting moment.
Outside, Detectives Roberta Hanson (Lisa Berry) and Pujit Singh (Ishan Davé) are planning to speak with more residents of Clayborne Apartments.

Saadia and Connor are interrupted by Dt. Hanson, asking if they’ve seen Wyatt (Jefferson Brown). The young woman’s surprised, believing the Druid would be “a monster,” not an average-looking dude. Connor’s feeling angry. 10 months, he was in his apartment when Dt. Hanson was speaking to Amber Ciotti (Joane Vannicola) about the harassment they’ve experienced after Justine wrote that horrible tweet. Now, the cop asks Connor to have a look at the photo of Wyatt. He recognises the guy from the solstice party last year, and he saw him at the coffee shop staring at women.

Angel wants to die, knowing the Druid will come. So Dan, in an unexpected moment, offers his hand to the other man telling him he won’t let the Druid kill them. They even joke briefly. They’re still stuck. Means they’ve got to find a way out, or else perish. Dan finds a nail, so he attempts picking the lock.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Salvatore Antonio9 months ago, Kate Dixon (Marie Ward) was feeling bad for Jen and Connor, whereas her husband Frank (Paulino Nunes) could barely register any sympathy for the kids whose mother burned herself alive, calling Justine a “crispy bitch.” He was an awful misogynist and racist. He slapped his wife around. Connor went over to complain, noticing Mrs. Dixon’s bloody nose. When Frank got on like a real asshole Connor tasered him.

Amber’s scratching runes into the walls of the building for “protection” (interesting— druids and runes are connected). She’s found by Dt. Hanson. The cop insists the Druid’s been caught. Elsewhere, Dt. Singh knocks at Amy’s door— nobody knows she’s dead, sitting in her tub with a hole in her head— only to be pulled inside by the Druid. The detective and killer wrestle. The Druid gets the cop over a blender’s blades, shoving Singh’s face into them while they spin. Naaasty.

Outside, Dt. Hanson calls for Singh to meet her in the parking lot. There’s a smell of cleaner in the air— what Singh saw on the floor by those doors. Hanson wants to use luminol to check for blood. If she only knew her partner’s nothing but blood upstairs. She finds spatter all over the floor right around where Singh had been searching.
10 months ago, Dt. Hanson was informing Amber’s family they couldn’t press charges against anybody for harassment. The cops had no evidence to verify what happened to their door. Amber lost it, falling apart on the floor over what happened to her wife.
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Bloody Blender FaceAmber apologises to Saadia for how she acted earlier. She launches into a rant about how she believes Connor and Jen are drugging her with the tea. She mentions something she has “planned.” A bit suspect, no? One great aspect of every Slasher season is how there are many red herrings to lead us astray before the final revelations.

10 months prior, Jen and Connor were watching helplessly as their mother burned away in front of their eyes. Amber came out, angry Connor couldn’t stop his mom. 9 months ago, Connor was standing at the edge of the building contemplating suicide, blaming himself for Justine’s death. His sister pleaded with him, so he stepped away from the ledge. The siblings promised to stick together, no matter what. Today, Connor stands at the edge of the building again until he notices a light flashing in the building’s basement.

In the basement, Dan’s able to pry the door open and get himself out. He sees all the carnage of the Druid in the furnace room. A sickening sight. Dt. Hanson goes on following streaks and spots to the elevator doors, which take her further down into the building. She sees bigger streaks. Before Hanson can open the door to reach Dan she’s axed by the Druid. She pulls the mask off his face, revealing Connor beneath. “You did nothing,” he tells her. After that, he finishes her off with another few angry axe strikes. When he’s done he takes the corpse into the furnace room with the rest of the gore while Dan stays hidden.
And he’s free to go back up to his apartment, where Saadia and Jen are sleeping safely…
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Bloody AxeFather Gore once suspected Amber. Never did he imagine it was Connor, in spite of it being a potential this whole time for the same motivation. Great to see it come out with the final episode ahead of us. More to reveal, as well. It’ll definitely get wild before the season closes.

“3 am to 6 am” is next, to cauterise this wonderfully gory, delightfully dark season.

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