Slasher – SOLSTICE FINALE: “3 am to 6 am”

Netflix’s Slasher
Season 3, Episode 8: “3 am to 6 am”
Directed by Adam MacDonald
Written by Ian Carpenter

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Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - GoreConnor (Gabriel Darku) is cleaning blood off himself upstairs after his most recent murder. He’s visited in his room by Saadia (Baraka Rahmani) and they finally get close. She refuses a kiss. She’s not ready, but wants it to be him when she’s ready. She comes close to touching a bit of gore he missed during his wash, at the back of his head.

Connor’s veil is starting to slip. He rages about how everyone in the building “played a role” in his mother’s suicide. Connor sees Saadia as the only person who didn’t do anything wrong. That’s why the Druid hasn’t come for her. Something behind her eyes says maybe she has her own story.
Things are falling apart. Connor gets the leftovers off his head, then realises his keys are on the table with blood on them. He washes those off. Everybody’s noticing the heat. It’s coming from the furnace working overtime to burn bodies. In the basement, Dan (Dean McDermott) is back in the room with Angel (Salvatore Antonio), telling him he knows Connor’s the Druid. Angel wants to know if Joe’s dead. Dan tells him not to look around the furnace room: “Its Hell in here.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Salvatore AntonioAmber calls Saadia into her room to show off a collection of things she made from everybody in the building, including everyone who’s died. Disgusting stuff, such as “menstrual blood” and hair. She believes she may have conjured the Druid through witchcraft. Saadia tries to rush out when Jen sees her crying. She tells her and Connor about what Amber’s been collecting. They’ve tried to stop it.

A cat alerts Saadia and Jen. They know it belongs to Amy. They go to return it, and Saadia has a key to the girl’s apartment because she once looked after the kitty for Amy. Oh, shit. They already smell cleaner. They call out and obviously get no response. Saadia finds it strange the bathroom’s so clean when it’s usually a “Third World outhouse.”

Connor’s in the basement getting rid of more dead bodies. He doesn’t realise Dan and Angel are plotting to fuck his shit up. He also didn’t anticipate Saadia would know what a dead body smells like— upstairs, she’s sick from the smell making its way through the building. Did anybody expect a guy graduating high school this year was going to be a perfect serial killer? And this is a brilliant plot device to connect dots here. Poor Saadia remembers the horror of war. She knows something awful is going on right under their noses. (Bad pun?) Tough for Jen to accept her brother could be the Druid.

After Saadia passes out from the tea, she wakes tied to a chair. Jen doesn’t want to call the cops. She believes everyone in that building’s guilty of something. She’s known this whole time, helping to cover things up for her brother while they get vengeance for their dead mother. Saadia provided Jen with “an alibi.” A brutal betrayal. The young Muslim woman will not accept what her friends methodically planned.
Jen’s also the Druid. She and her brother manipulated every last little thing. Even poor Amber didn’t want any of this. She’s in the line of Jen’s fire. The stepdaughter viciously stabs her stepmother to death while her friend watches on in abject terror.Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Baraka Rahmani

“Death does not care if you have the sweets on someone”

Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Gabriel DarkuDan and Angel attack Connor. They try to get the better of him, but he fights back. He gets held in the fire by Angel, as a fitting punishment, even if the dude gets burned for his efforts and goes into shock, dying on the floor. Dan tried to haul him free, with no luck saving him.
Then Jen comes down looking for her brother. She finds his burned body in the furnace. Saadia comes in and urges Dan to leave, taking the axe for herself. A showdown Father Gore never expected. Jen comes at her friend slicing and stabbing her. So Saadia fights back, planting the axe in Jen’s thigh. She pulls the knife out of her own shoulder like a goddamn bad ass and leaves Jen behind, trying to get Dan in the elevator with her. Darkly comical to see the young Muslim woman saving a white nationalist.

Jen’s not dead, so things aren’t over. She comes at Saadia with that long blade and gets it right in the neck when her friend fights back. While Jen’s bleeding, she finds out that one year ago Saadia reposted Justine’s awful tweet and this helped the tweet blow up, considering Justine only had a few followers anyway.
Perfectly ironic how Saadia and Dan stumble bloody from the apartment building, only for a young guy wearing a Druid-like mask with his friend dressed the same to tell them their “costume” is “fucking lit“— encapsulates part of this season’s themes, about the deadening of our senses due to violent media, and apathy bred on social media.

Soundtrack note: “Albuquerque” by Twist closes out the episode
Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Mercedes Morris

“It was you”

Father Son Holy Gore - Slasher - Mercedes Morris (1)Father Gore absolutely loved this season! Favourite yet. To each their own if they didn’t dig it as much. The characters were great and dark fun. So much gore, and the kill scenes, like every season, were wildly inventive at times. It’d be great to see another season of this, particularly since horror is finally having a wonderful renaissance as of late. We’ll have to wait and hope and see what happens.

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