Happy! – SEASON 2 FINALE: “Resurrection”

Syfy’s Happy!
Season 2, Episode 10: “Resurrection”
Directed & Written
by Brian Taylor

* For a recap & review of the penultimate Season 2 episode, “Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun” – click here
* Season 3? Let’s hope.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Medina Senghore and Patton OswaltEleven years ago at Christmas, Nick Sax (Chris Meloni) was sitting in a bar drinking when Mr. Blue (Ritchie Coster) showed up to buy him a glass and have a chat. Things weren’t great for the guy, “a lonely pube on the rim of a urinal” without any friends. He was being framed by his own police force, though, as Nick points out, he probably earned it in other ways. Blue came with a job for him. He needed somebody put “in the ground.” And the payday was big.

Nick wakes up as Happy (Patton Oswalt) and Amanda (Medina Senghore) call for him. He’s in a bad way at the hands of Smoothie (Patrick Fischler). No telling how depraved things could get from here. Not to mention poor Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) has been given that gun. She’s headed through security when a man ushers her past the metal detector to a VIP section where Orcus awaits.

Soundtrack note: “…Of Your Fake Dimension” by Com Truise plays in this scene
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Leather BunnySonny Shine (Christopher Fitzgerald) is preparing his Eggtacular. He’s planning a wild show with Jessup (Christopher Carley). He’s got the “cornfed cornhole” dressed in the leather bunny outfit. They’ve got something horrifying ready for the crowd, even if Jessup doesn’t quite realise it. Sonny’s introduced to Hailey, too. He’s quite taken by the act the little girl and Orcus put on, unaware he’ll be a far bigger main event in his own show than he imagined.

Thus begins the Easter Eggtacular!
Are we Making Easter Great Again?” Sonny asks his massive crowd, doing his thing while wearing a cupcake-inspired outfit. He calls for a “special someone.” He finds Hailey, pulling her onstage. In a booth above, Amanda has to watch her child go onstage, and Nick, subdued in his seat next to Smoothie, must do the same. Their daughter sings Radiohead’s “Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was” with Sonny at her side.

In the middle of the song, a leather bunny attacks the AV booth. Everything goes dark. Suddenly, leather bunny’s onstage to play his part in the Eggtacular. At the same time, Happy gets himself and Amanda free. The little blue dude makes it to Nick, reminding the former cop he’s the only one who can touch Happy.
That means Sax believes. And if he believes in Happy, he can believe in other things.
Like a nice can of booze to get him going again.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Bloody Knife

“This is how I destroy you”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Happy BeerSonny pretends to kick ass onstage while Nick kicks ass for real, fending off Smoothie and the usual thugs. It’s only pretend until Sonny crushes Jessup’s head with a sledgehammer. Worse, Orcus orders that nobody makes it out alive. There’s a lot of children in danger. Thankfully they’ve not only got Nick on their side, and Happy, they’ve got one bad ass mama— Amanda only needs an Exit sign to get her killing done.

When Hailey pulls the gun to shoot Sonny, both her parents make it to the stage, begging her not to pull the trigger. Nick doesn’t want his daughter to become like him. Yet the little girl goes ahead and shoots. Happy tries to stop the bullet, unable to slow it down. So Nick jumps in front of it. Hailey’s going to try again, and Amanda beats her to it, pumping a hole right in Mr. Shine.
Sonny stumbles bloody through a line of kids, signing autographs and taking selfies. He dies in front of them, immediately shattering the innocence of their youth and dissipating dozens of imaginary friends in the process. Maybe it didn’t go as planned, but Orcus looks satisfied with the outcome.

In the hospital, Nick dies while Happy laments losing his best friend.
What happens to the little guy now? Does he go to the great “pineapple pasture in the sky“? He says goodbye to his friend, then lays down to die. Except he’s still there. He isn’t disappearing. That’s because Sax is wandering the void, where angels with beautiful breasts filled with “the finest of bourbons” exist to suckle into perpetuity. His journey gets interrupted by Orcus. The God of Death claims Sax could go back and live, if he wanted. Nick doesn’t want to go. Problem is, his hatred of Smoothie, and the thought of what that psycho could do if he’s not around, won’t let him die.
But if Nick does continue to live, his ass belongs to Orcus. Forever.
Before Nick’s cremated he crawls out of the oven to take care of unfinished business.
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Patton Oswalt and Chris MeloniIn the aftermath, Merry (Lili Mirojnick) is looking after Hailey, seeing as how Nick’s presumed dead and her mom’s in jail after killing Sonny in front of all those people. Elsewhere, Happy goes to the bar where the imaginary friends usually drink. The place is uncharacteristically empty after the massacre. Happy looks for Bo Peep (Jaimie Elizabeth Kelton). She’s getting nailed by Pile of Twigs (Jeff Ross) and a pair of teeth. Ouch.

Happy feels lost in the world without his friend. He’s pissed off. He flies up above the clouds, unsure of himself and his purpose. He finds God (Jeff Goldblum) talking to him, ruminating on his own status as an imaginary friend. God’s got beef with human beings— how uncivilised they really are, and how they attribute so much nonsense to him. He offers Happy advice: be a friend, forget “the imaginary part.” He tells the little blue guy there’s much work left to be done.

Jump ahead six months.
Smoothie’s at home listening to a new vinyl record of New Order (“Blue Monday“). Just the right time for Sax to drop in for a visit. He and Smoothie get physical, like old times. Sax snaps his neck, around and around and around, as Smoothe smiles. The end of an era. (Great homage to John Carpenter’s Halloween, too! Nick as Michael Myers holding a severed head.)
Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Jeff Goldblum and Patton Oswalt

“For people like us, it’s never easy to find a worthy adversary,
a truly meaningful death.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Happy - Patrick FischlerAn unexpected, weird, wild end for Season 2. So much fun.
Let’s hope there’s a Season 3. It’d be absolutely wonderful to see a Halloween theme. Love how each one’s been a holiday. Gives things an extra bit of oomph. This was an even better season than the first. Father Gore’s crossing his fingers there’ll be another, and that it’ll keep getting more awesome and stranger.

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