Trapped – Season 2, Episode 7

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RVK’s Trapped
Season 2, Episode 7
Directed by Ugla Hauksdóttir
Written by Holly Phillips, Sigurjón Kjartansson & Clive Bradley

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Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Sólveig ArnarsdóttirHalla (Sólveig Arnarsdóttir) is told a story about “Gutti the goat boy,” who was abused by his father and ran off into the hills. He met a dying baby goat. Gutti buried the animal once it passed. The next day— and the day after, and the day after that— he went to the hills roaming, looking for the goat so he could save it, trying to find “a lost future.” It’s a fable about moving on, letting go of the past— accepting whatever fate has come to us.
But Halla doesn’t give a shit about fables.

At the plant, Hjörtur (Baltasar Breki Samper) has Víkingur (Aron Már Ólafsson) locked away until the cops come, so none of the foreign workers could get at him. Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) and Hinrika (Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir) arrive to speak with him. They bring him out, covered in blood, and arrest him for Pawel’s murder. Some Polish men yell gay slurs at him. Back home, Ebo (Kingsford Siayor) is there when Aron (Stormur Jón Kormákur) comes by looking for his cousin.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Ólafur Darri Ólafsson and Aron Már ÓlafssonAt the crime scene, Chief Hinrika and Andri find a “chipping hammer” used as a murder weapon— not a bolt gun, like Father Gore guessed at the end of the previous episode. They don’t know yet what went on between Pawel and Ebo. May be difficult for the Ghanaian to come forward with his story officially. Stefán (Arnmundur Ernst Björnsson) goes home to explain what he’s heard about Víkingur. This is already starting to complicate Ebo’s life worse than before. Aron has to go to his aunt and tell her, too.

Elín (Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir) visits her sister Halla to talk more about their recent conversations about “old memories.” She’s finding big sis doesn’t believe her. Halla claims it’s all false recollection, that her young sister made it all up. Elín knows what she saw when she was young. She’s won’t forget.
Halla goes to see Mayor Hafdís (Jóhanna Vigdís Arnardóttir), after finding out Víkingur was arrested. She only cares about American Aluminium. The Mayor’s not going to the latest meeting, believing it’s better to help the town calm down after recent events.

At the police station, Ebo gives Ásgeir (Ingvar E. Sigurðsson) a statement about what Pawel did to him. Not quite enough to erase the “serious crime” committed. A man’s dead— a shitty, abusive, awful man, but it’s murder. Ebo also can’t go back to the plant anymore. He’s taken in by Hjörtur and Soffía (Salka Sól Eyfeld) for the time being.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Aron Már Ólafsson

“People aren’t always what they seem”

Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Hole in the HeadAron hears people talking about his family in the grocery store, sending him frustrated to his car. He calls Þórhildur (Elva María Birgisdóttir). She’s freaking over going back to Reykjavik. She rages, wishing the killer would cut her dad’s throat. Doesn’t sit well with Aron, whose father’s been murdered recently. He hangs up on her. Teen angst’s one thing. Wishing your father to be killed? A whole other unsettling can of worms.
At the station, Víkingur says he didn’t kill Pawel, but now Andri and Hinrika know what the Polish man tried to do to Ebo, too. Things are growing much more tense.

Halla and the others meet with Jamal (Dar Salim), giving a cheers with champagne over the looming American Aluminium deal. Jamal is a tiny bit leery of the violence recently in their small town. At the station, Andri and Hinrika talk more with Víkingur about what Gisli did. They believe the young man killed Finnur, as well as Pawel.
Evidence is stacking up against him.

Then, CCTV footage reveals more.
Before Víkingur ever got to the plant the blackout occurred. Minutes later, he pulls up.
Who cut the power? Who else could’ve killed Pawel?
Up the mountain, Ásgeir and Bárður (Guðjón Pedersen) go to take samples of the water— they talk and Father Gore wonders if Hinrika is pregnant with the latter’s child, or if it belongs to someone else. When they reach a body of water they find dead fish everywhere, by the dozens and dozens.
Father Son Holy Gore - Trapped - Dead Polluted FishJust a cracker of an episode! One of the greatest parts of Trapped is it never ending ability to keep the viewer guessing. Father Gore’s run through 100 theories since the beginning of Season 2. It’s a lot of fun to try and figure it out. Like the initial season, the answers are elusive. We’ll be down to the wire before the true killer’s revealed.

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