Mayans M.C. – Season 2, Episode 4: “Lahun Chan”


FX’s Mayans M.C.
Season 2, Episode 4: “Lahun Chan”
Directed by Rebecca Rodriguez
Written by Bryan Gracia

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC - JD Pardo and Clayton Cardenas as EZ and Angel ReyesThe title of this episode refers to a Venus Lord. Read more here (search Lahun Chan).

EZ and Angel have come face-to-face with their mother’s killer, Happy Lowman. The Sons of Anarchy bad boy knows this ends one of two ways: he dies, or the brothers die, and the latter doesn’t particularly look like it’ll happen no matter HOW shit goes down. And the Mayans M.C. has no clue whatsoever their boys are pulling this move.

Miguel’s heading off with Potter for the day while Emily is dealing with Dita, who’s got an appointment with a psychiatrist. She’ll take mother-in-law to “make sure she stays” this time. The more time the two women spend together, the more chances there are for the older woman to spill her secrets. Would she ever do that with Emily? Nah. She does call her once secret lover Felipe to continue talking, and she wants to meet again.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC - David Labrava as Happy LowmanThere’s nothing lying around Happy’s place that’s going to give the brothers their answers. So they un-gag him. EZ asks about when his mother was shot to death. He recounts seeing the car. That perfect memory is what led him to Happy 9 years later. Happy says nothing. He get pistol whipped by an angry Angel. The brothers know he was Nomad for a time, and a “trigger man.”
So, who ordered the hit in the first place? No answers yet, even when Angel puts a cigarette out on their captive’s chest. Angel wants to shoot him. EZ asks if it was the cartel who ordered the hit. Oh, shit. Did Galindo Sr. find out his wife was having an affair with Ignacio a.k.a Felipe?

Miguel, Alvarez, and Adelita are in a car headed to see Potter. They talk about the government man’s “intellectual enigma bullshit.” At the same time, Emily goes to the office where Ileana is awkward, now that she’s technically on the payroll. The cartel wife is looking forward to easy sailing now with her insider info.

EZ tells Angel about their father’s true past. This has the brothers fighting. Happy watches on with a bloody smile, and nearby a phone’s ringing. The brothers’ rage dies down, then they continue a heart-to-heart. Angel feels betrayed by the whole family not trusting him. He’s never felt good enough compared to this younger brother. Happy pushes his luck by taunting the emotional Angel. The brothers start slicing off happy face tattoos until the SOA biker talks. Although nothing comes.
On the road, the M.C. finds that the crotch rocket club— the Swole Boys— remain on their ass. Bishop and his boys decide to take these dickheads on a ride. The Mayans don’t take any shit and they get rough when provoked. This drives off the rival club, at least for now. Riz gets the worst of it, though only a few scrapes.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC - Clayton Cardenas as Angel ReyesEmily drops Dita off and tries to ensure Nestor watches over the woman better this time. You just know that’s not going to happen. Dita goes inside and pays her doctor to keep quiet to her son and daughter-in-law— whom she refers to as “White Devil— so she doesn’t have to go back. Plus, she threatens the doc for good measure.

Bishop and the club run into Les Packer from the Sons, who apologises for shit going down in his neck of the woods. Meanwhile, EZ and Angel are sitting at Happy’s place with a phone going off and SOA members are wondering where their man has gone. Not good. The brothers debate how they’ll make things look like a random murder. They want to try getting info out of Happy once more.
If not, time to die.
All it takes is to threaten the dog and Happy gives in. He was meant to kill both of the brothers’ parents and only got mom. Packer was the one who fielded the job, which came up from Mexico. No specific names, not even Les would have that. Happy explains what happened that night. He thought EZ was from the cartel, coming to clean up. Afterwards, he “patched SAMCRO” because he didn’t feel safe Nomad anymore.
He also accepts it if the brothers want to kill him.

Dita meets with Felipe. She tells him of the night of the fire. She wanted to die. She went into the house, ignored the warnings, and fell into shock before she was pulled out. Dita wants to live. She reveals Miguel is Felipe’s son. Strange family ties. What happens if the cartel and the club are pitted against one another, and the three brothers must unknowingly go head-to-head? Wild. More than that, when Emily picks her mother-in-law up, she notices Felipe’s truck as they leave.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC - EZ and Angel's Mother, MarisolAt Happy’s place, Hallorann comes looking. It’s decision time for the brothers. They let Hallorann in and Happy sits with the boys, pretending all’s good. Lowman claims they saved him after a truck clipped his bike. An instance of his honourable nature. Yes, he did kill a woman, and it’s unforgivable. But he lives by a strict code of business is business and personal is personal. Justice may not be served, however, that’s how the outlaw life works sometimes.

In Mexico, the mercenaries find one of their trackers online keeping tabs on Galindo, Alvarez, and Adelita. The club’s actions a while ago with the former Green Beret madmen could come back to really fuck things up for them with the cartel. Oblivious to what’s happening, Miguel and Adelita talk about how he lives a double life— a Mexican-American businessman on the U.S. side, the son of a cartel kingpin on the Mexican side— and she wonders if that’s destroying his relationship to Emily.
The mercenaries attack, so the “Queen Bee” Adelita goes one way while Miguel pretends he’s hunting her down. Alvarez goes inside, pretending to bring the rebel leader outside at gunpoint. The men take her away. Is this really Miguel giving her up? Looks like it. He’s not happy, but still lets it happen. Trickery, or reality?
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans MC - InevitabilityAnother great episode. Season 2’s even better and more intense than the first excellent season. Doesn’t seem to be letting up. Many revelations and troubles at once, all twisting together into a complex narrative. Not to mention Emily’s now poking around in Dita’s life, discovering truths about her husband’s life that even he doesn’t know.

“Xquic” is next time.

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