The Purge – Season 2, Episode 2: “Everything Is Fine”


USA’s The Purge
Season 2, Episode 2: “Everything is Fine”
Directed by Jessica Lowrey
Written by James Roland

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Purge Clean UpPost-Purge cleaners are making sure a nice bourgeois mansion is spotless. They put the bodies out like trash, so a recovery unit can collect them. Later, rich mom finds a spot of blood on her place mat. No worries— just shift the plate a little and it’s fine. This is life for some after those lawless 24 hours is up.
Ryan Grant walks through streets littered with bodies and debris. The whole city is partly destroyed. Marcus Moore continues grappling with having nearly been hunted and killed during the Purge + his wife Michelle almost becoming a casualty.
Then there’s Esme Carmona at work, trying not to think about her friend, Professor Adams, getting gunned down. She’s supposed to be concentrating on work after the “biggest Purge in city history.” She’s back looking through the file on the professor, making sure it isn’t forgotten.

Hospitals are utter chaos.
Perhaps a motive becomes vaguely clearer re: why someone might try to kill Marcus: he’s a doctor. That could leave any number of people wrongly angry at him for simply doing his job. He’s got too much to deal with alongside all the staff at the hospital. He lucks out when the guy who was trying to kill him shows up on death’s doorstep. They try to save him. Marcus hopes he’ll find answers. NARCAN helps keep the guy alive longer. The man mentions “Ivory Road” (based on Silk Road) before flatlining.
Don’t forget poor Ben, left behind by his shitty friend Turner. He’s back, covered in the blood of the person who nearly raped and killed him. Awkward moment at the frat house. Ought to be interesting to see how this friendship plays out from here. Not to mention there’s a college campus with bodies all over it. Many students were taught by Prof. Adams.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Bloody Ben's Alive

“Everything is different now”

Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - GodAcross town, Ryan is using cash from the robbery to pay for his mother’s nursing home. Like a Purge Night Robin Hood. His mother Alice asks why he’s preoccupied. He tells her about Tommy fucking up and putting them in jeopardy. Mama offers condolences. She also has trouble remembering things, even her son’s name. She doesn’t remember Ryan’s who he is sometimes. Back at the hideout with the crew, Ryan finds there’s not as much money between them as they’d hoped. Then Tommy arrives. Cops are right behind him. He offers to give himself up with the money. That means the extra cash is gone, though. An interesting version of the Miranda warning: “You hereby forfeit your rights as a United States citizen. Anything you say or do by action or inaction will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney who will be provided for you at our earliest convenience.” Tommy will be held until the next Purge, when he’ll be killed. The crew are left at odds about working next year.

Esme and co-worker Vivian look into Prof. Adams’s death. She knows there’s something more to what happened. They attempt to tap into the prof’s phone and smart TV. Esme gets called into the office with her boss. He’s asking about Adams. Surveillance is everywhere, even in the Surveillance Centre. He advises her not to keep NFFA property, like footage, on her personal laptop. He doesn’t want her to “jump at shadows” when nothing’s really there, advising time off to grieve.

Students and friends and colleagues hold a candlelight vigil for Prof. Adams. A student named Darren Moore— son of Marcus— speaks about the professor and how much she loved her country, even while dissenting against the status quo of the ruling class. Nobody can make any sense of the prof’s horrible death.
This keeps Esme going back to everything she’s gathered from Drew’s place, like audio suggesting the prof was wasting time in the house when she heard people breaking in. What was she looking for, or hiding? Time for a trip to the prof’s place, where Esme uses recordings to determine where Drew was in the house. She finds a hidden compartment where a file’s stashed.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Ryan Watches Tommy Get ArrestedRyan’s taken it upon himself to figure out where the bank’s money is being stored off-site. He tails an armoured truck carrying the cash out to a warehouse in a rundown part of town. An inconspicuous spot. That’s just where the security guards swap trucks, taking the cash in a laundry van to the airport— it’s headed someplace else.

The PTSD from Purge Night is all but ruining Ben. He’s spiralling into an unsettling place. He goes to a VR booth where you can experience the Purge as an immersive game experience. Lots of people are there for fun. Ben’s trying to work out horrific demons.
So, he goes back to where he nearly died— where he killed.
In spite of Marcus and his son’s differences, they talk. He mentions Ivory Road, discovering it’s through the dark web, where you can buy drugs, or even put a hit out on somebody. Darren looks through the phone that was left behind. It shows a $75K price tag on his dad’s head. Someone out there still wants Marcus dead.

In the file from Drew’s place, Esme finds a tape recorder. On the tape she plays, she hears Drew interviewing a “test subject” about violence. There are brain scans in the file, as well. Could the professor have been involved in the early stages of the Purge? Could she have been one of the people we saw during The First Purge who’d been interviewing subjects like Skeletor and others? That’d be a twisty connection.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Blood God MaskFather Son Holy Gore - The Purge - Purge VR GameSuch a great follow-up episode. There are so many interesting things happening. Father Gore’s beyond pumped to see what the rest of the season will bring. Hold onto your butts! Because “Blindspots” is next time.

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