The Gloaming 1×04: “Black Winged Angels”

Stan’s The Gloaming
1×04: “Black Winged Angels”
Directed by Greg McLean
Written by Victoria Madden

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Gloaming - Freddie Kills on VideoMore bottles hanging everywhere, all over Grace’s property. On her front step she finds a bag with a smartphone inside. There’s a video ready to play: it’s the one Daisy took, of Freddie murdering Dorothy. The way the young man stares into the camera is horrifying.

We catch up with Freddie on the dam. He’s not alone. He hasn’t yet pitched Lily over the side. She pleads with him: “I thought we were friends.” He’s a nasty paedophile, he doesn’t have any friends. Except for the Gloamers, lurking nearby. Freddie yells at them and it frightens Lily, unable to see to whom he’s talking. Genuine terror, indeed.
At the same time, Shelly Hopkins is in an interrogation room talking to Molly and Alex about her son. Her husband was in an accident years ago and young Freddie was in the vehicle when it happened, nearly dying— the boy’s heart stopped “for seven minutes.” Could this be why Fred’s got a connection to the Gloamers? Shelly also mentions to the cops there’s a roll of barbed wire in her shed.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Gloaming - The GloamersShit goes haywire when Molly gets a call from Tobe, telling her their daughter didn’t show up to school. Coincidentally and simultaneously, Inspector Grimshaw has eyes on security footage of Freddie stopping at a gas station with Lily in the passenger seat. Molly’s sure the dam is the only place they’d be headed out there. So, off she and Alex go in a hurry.

What’s Grace doing with this clay figure she’s created? Might be a surrogate Freddie after her anger over the video. Is this voodoo doll-type of magic? You can bet it’s witchcraft.
And it ain’t good.

Senior Constable Harris visits with Ms. Clunes about McAveney Construction and some land business. She questions Jacinta if she knows Gareth well, getting a sly answer. Jacinta hears the name Molly McGee and gets pretty tense. Could it be possible she knows something about Gareth’s relationship with Molly’s sister? That hard, visible swallow clearly indicates her serious nervousness. There’s something behind it. Jacinta quickly calls Gareth, worried about why the cops are sniffing around. He’s too slick to let it bother him overtly, though he agrees to meet her.

At the dam, the cops arrive, along with Molly and Alex. They try to speak to Freddie, who’s got Lily captive with her hands tied to a rope. He blames Molly for not being there when Daisy needed her most. “An eye for an eye,” he says, prepared to let the cop’s daughter die in exchange. He says he helped Daisy. Then he asks Alex to show Molly the video he got on his phone. Such a cruel thing to do.
Then Freddie starts straddling the edge of the dam. Molly runs off towards her daughter, begging Freddie not to do anything crazy. We also see Grace with the clay figure, raising it up above a tub of water. She drops it, and right then Freddie drops over the side, letting go of the rope.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Gloaming - Voodoo ClayFreddie does survive. He’s in a coma. At least Lily’s safe. Alex sits and talks with her, along with Lewis. The cops question lightly, hoping to find out anything else they can about why Freddie was trying to hurt her. Lily believes he “was bluffing.” She thinks it was all about Molly, as well as Alex. Freddie wanted to speak to him specifically, claiming to have “a message to pass on” from Jenny.
Things are getting spookier.

More paraphrased Bible.
Eileen McGinty whispers a prayer around the house reciting lines such as “my word like fire and hammer that breaks the rock,” similar to Jeremiah 23:29. In other church-related things, Millstock is found to have sold bulk quantities of boxes to the Star of the Forest Church. The cops start to wonder if Dorothy was potentially running “a money laundering business” for the church. All the cash in her house could’ve been money she’d been skimming, in turn a potential motive for someone to kill her if they found out. On top of it all, where does Freddie fit in? A weird puzzle.

A school diary is found in Freddie’s truck. It belonged to a kid who drowned a few years ago. A body was never recovered. The diary’s full of strange drawings. It has bits about Edwina Morgan, whom the kid did not like. There’s a photo of her in it with devil horns and other crude drawings, including a slit throat. Any relation to the cutting of the throat we saw in the snuff video earlier? Awful big coincidence Freddie’s got the diary. Were there more targets apart from Dorothy, such as Edwina?
Father Son Holy Gore - The Gloaming - Edwina MorganGareth meets with Jacinta for a drink. She tells him he has to stay out of their business proposal. She explains what Freya was asking her about concerning the land deal. He doesn’t take it much too seriously. Jacinta warns him not to take things too far, assuring him she said nothing to the police. He finds out Molly’s involved, claiming she’s “out to destroy” him. He goes nuts on Jacinta when she refuses to go further, grabbing her by the throat and banging her head against the car. So, yeah, there’s a GREAT REASON why Molly’s sure Gareth had something to do with her friend’s death years ago. Jacinta gets away, though he speeds off after her. Scary moment.

Just as soon as Molly’s getting closer with her daughter, her ex is attempting to take away any custody she has over Lily. The paperwork is already submitted and Tobe isn’t willing to budge. Sad, right as Lily’s starting to feel more at home with her mother, and Molly’s just beginning to want to clean up her life for the sake of her daughter. Tragic.

Speaking of tragic, Jacinta’s fleeing from Gareth and sees a ghostly girl on the road, swerving and crashing into a tree. He sees the same ghostly vision, stopping before suffering the same fate. Jacinta crawls from the car, her legs smashed up, bleeding from the mouth. She asks Gareth to call for help, but he looks to be weighing his options. He does make a call. However, it’s after Jacinta’s likely dead. The ghost girl from the road is curiously the same one from a painting on Grace’s wall. That night, Grace gets a visit from Stephanie, Jenny’s sister, along with the baby.

In the aftermath of the day, Molly weeps drunk in front of the mirror. It’s then she notices her lipstick is dented. She sees a mark on the mirror, and on the back is a rune-like symbol, almost like the T-shape from the shed. Are they sigils?
Father Son Holy Gore - The Gloaming - 1850s BibleSuch an interesting series. Each episode keeps building mystery while also diving into a little more backstory and fleshing out the characters. Lots of great performances— Rena Owen is a marvel, so it’s wonderful to watch her dig into this witchy role.

“Beyond the Veil” is next.

One thought on “The Gloaming 1×04: “Black Winged Angels”

  1. Kevin Nelson

    I’m a little confused about who all these people are. But still enjoying the series. I’m a little unclear on what exactly Jacinta and gareth were up to that they are so worried about the police.


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