Hanna 2×04: “Welcome Mia”

Amazon’s Hanna
2×04: “Welcome Mia”
Directed by Ugla Hauksdóttir
Written by Laura Lomas

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Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Mireille Enos as Marissa WieglerMarissa’s got plenty of bruises from her confrontation with Hanna. The price of lies, no matter how small. She makes a call to Carmichael, claiming she’s looking for Hanna. He explains that they now have Hanna at the Meadows. She’s in an interrogation room. Meanwhile, Clara’s up practising fighting with the other Utrax girls who are very curious about what happened recently and who’s the girl that was captured on the grounds. Marissa’s on a plane then she’s on the road, going to the Meadows. But what are her plans? She’s got herself a handy little gadget tucked away in a nondescript lipstick. After that, she pairs her phone and purposefully runs her car into a big tree.

A bit later, Carmichael speaks with a patched up Marissa. She claims to have fallen asleep at the wheel. She asks to see Hanna. First, Carmichael brings her to an observation room. They watch the security footage of Hanna and Carmichael talks about her impressive skills— she’s exactly what the Utrax program was meant to create. He wants to bring the girl back into the fold, make her compliant to the program once more. Marissa acts like she’ll play along, too. She’s brought to the interrogation room where Hanna’s, obviously, suspicious. But Marissa plays a good part, telling the girl things without having to say too much aloud. They talk about Hanna following the drug shipment, supposedly killing Sonia. And Marissa asks her: “Do you trust me?” Between the lines, this is about whatever plan Ms. Wiegler’s concocted, and it’s only a matter of time before that plan’s enacted. Simultaneously, Stephen retrieves the phone Marissa left behind. He pairs it with Marissa’s and it gives him the location of the Meadows.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Esme Creed-Miles as HannaHanna gets a visit from Clara, then she’s shown around the Meadows by her friend. She can see it’s all a facade. She doesn’t like Clara’s new name, neither does she think there’s anything good about pretending to have a family that isn’t real. On top of everything, these girls aren’t free to do anything. They’re stuck behind walls and fences, they’re monitored 24/7 wherever they go, even in their own rooms. The whole compound is watched by armed guards. So, Hanna decides she and Clara ought to take a detour.
They go through a staff area, all the way down to the basement. Clara and Hanna hug one another when they’re out of sight. Then Hanna wants to remove Clara’s new implant, but the latter’s getting used to the Meadows, maybe she doesn’t want to leave anymore. She explains the passports and the getaway to Canada, yet Clara resists. That is, until the last minute when armed men come looking for them, and Clara agrees to go. Jules and Sandy are busy looking to get themselves a drop of booze so they can have a party. One distracts the delivery guy while the other fills a bottle full of liquor. It’s actually an elaborate ruse to teach the kids “a little disobedience,” orchestrated by Leo.

Back in the interrogation room, Hanna meets with Carmichael. He wants her to “stop fighting” them and return to the program. Hanna pretends she’s feeling tired, and when Marissa comforts her she passes over a small piece of paper. Their silent dual act’s going well, so far. When Hanna reads the note she sees the time and place where they’ll meet tonight, hopefully to spring the big escape. The rest of the Utrax girls are told about their new visitor, then they meet Hanna— her new name is Mia. Carmichael talks to all the girls about their new lives after they’ve served their country. They’ll all get to be their new identities, for real, out in the world. At least that’s what he tells them at this age, anyway. Definitely a different story later on down the road. Afterwards, the girls all go to class, and Hanna experiences what assassin school is like at the Meadows.

Marissa tries squeezing info out of Carmichael about who’s funding this new Utrax program, to no avail. She’s supposed to leave in the morning but pushes to get out of there tonight, to go with the plan to free Hanna. Then there’s Hanna currently having to deal with nosy girls and all the other typical teenage bullshit she’s ever known to be a part of her life. She and Clara are still getting out of there at 10 PM, however, the latter doesn’t seem totally ready. Clara winds up talking with Sandy and spilling the beans about the escape. Will Sandy want to go, too? Or is she going to snitch?
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Gun TrainingWhen the lights go down for the night, Jules gets ready for her party. Helen, Jules, and Sandy are ready to drink when Clara and Hanna show up for a drink, as well. They all have a sip, though Hanna’s less enthusiastic. She’s already had vodka before, she’s partied once already. The girls question whether she’s kissed a boy. She says no, and the talk turns to sex. Not long and Jules asks about Hanna being taken. They’re interrupted when Marissa comes to say goodbye.

Soundtrack: “Up All Night” by SAULT plays while Jules grabs the booze

After Leo leaves Marissa at the front doors she heads back inside, slipping through security on her own. She goes back to the observation room, to the computer where she spied a guy typing in his password earlier. She accesses the system and times the power to shutdown in the facility after several minutes. Hanna’s watching the clock carefully upstairs, and Carmichael keeps his eye on the security cameras.
At 10 on the dot, the power shuts down across the Meadows. Marissa shoots the driver escorting her off the property while Hanna and Clara begin to make their run for it inside. Stephen watches for the locator in Marissa’s lipstick, waiting for them to get out safely. But outside, Marissa’s nabbed by Carmichael and his men. Inside, Hanna’s been tricked by Clara, who’s led her into a trap. The Utrax girls are like a cult, descending upon their prey, and Hanna feels truly backed into a corner.
Father Son Holy Gore - Hanna - Hanna's TrappedSolid chapter. Came down to the wire on my suspicions about what was going to happen to Hanna. I thought she might escape and that maybe someone would get killed in the chaos. Regardless, it was superb tension. Love the suspense when this series really leans into it, and I’m excited for another big action sequence soon! How will Hanna AND Marissa get themselves out of the Meadows now?

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