The Walking Dead: World Beyond 1×04: “The Wrong End of a Telescope”

AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond
1×04: “The Wrong End of a Telescope”
Directed by Rachel Leiterman
Written by Sinead Daly

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Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead World Beyond - Felix and HuckThe group continue on their path. They’re trying to make it to the interstate, but they’re running out of supplies and there’s rain on the way. Might be good to stay some place, at least for the night. Perfect time for them to come upon an old high school. This prompts thoughts of a different life, one that existed before the zombie apocalypse. It’s interesting for kids who never really knew a life before.
So the crew look for anything worth using, splitting up into groups.

Hope remembers a moment with her father Leopold when they were arguing over him being late for something. He was dealing with her delinquent anger. She’d made some “stink bombs” that were actually timed, basically following in the footsteps of her father but doing so in an anarchistic way. We also discover that Iris and Hope were adopted together as a pair by Leopold and his wife. Essentially, dad saw it as the sisters helping raise each other since the day they were born. Father and daughter would later argue over Leopold going to work with the Civic Republic, too. His “communication device” made things slightly easier to bear.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead World Beyond - Crawling ZombieHope and Huck come upon a sign for a fallout shelter. It’s the only sign Huck’s seen in a while, so they wonder if they were taken down because something valuable is in the shelter. Elsewhere, Elton is with Felix and they’re looking for containers to use for water collection. They talk about Elton’s “raison detre” begin science. The kid likes first-hand experience, rather than learning from books. They come across iodine, which Elton knows is good for “water purification.” They leave the room and see a trail of blood that wasn’t there when they went in. They cautiously move ahead while behind them a zombie crawls then gets hauled away by something else. OH, SHIT!

In the gym, Silas and Iris look for items. They see a walker outside the door but remain safe. They run across an obvious reference to Sadie Hawkins Day, which Iris believes is a reference to a student’s name. They gather a few small things then call over the walkie, trying to contact Felix; unfortunately the walkie’s batteries are corroded. They instead do some ballroom dancing, forgetting the corroded world around them in favour of imagining themselves at prom. In another corridor, Felix is attempting to talk Elton out of being in the wasteland, away from the colony. He tells the kid about his tattoo, commemorating the people he’s lost, including his parents. He doesn’t want to lose Elton or any of the other kids. He wants the kid to help convince the rest to go home—sadly, they don’t know what’s happened back home. Soon, the pair find a room full of death, like piles of walkers every so often along the floor.

Huck and Hope are the first to run into the angry, hungry wolf in the halls of the school. They manage to sneak into a nearby room. But that snarling beast has been feeding on walkers, so it’s definitely got the taste for blood. The women figure the wolf’s protecting something in that room; possibly its young. They slowly move past the wolf and into the next corridor without any trouble. They continue on and eventually find a storage room full of food and other supplies.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead World Beyond - They Always Keep ComingSilas and Iris get out of the gym, past the walker. They come to a darker spot where they find a flare among some random stuff. They light it and head on into the shadows. A few zombies can be heard further on. They slip past the undead, just barely. They keep their wits about them, despite their walk through the school getting scarier and scarier. One walker gets free and comes after them but they can’t open the door ahead of them. On the other side is the room where Hope and Huck are pillaging items. They work on opening the door. Silas kills one walker and then has flashbacks. He pushes through them and unleashes the rage within, pummelling one zombie with his bare fists until it’s nothing but mush. Elton tries to stop his friend from going crazy and gets knocked over in the process. It takes Felix yelling for Silas to snap out of it.

In the aftermath, Elton’s thinking it might be good to turn back. He’s worried about Silas. He asks Felix about a possible plan, and Felix hopes the kid will help them turn the rest of the kids around, as well. Furthermore, we find out Silas supposedly killed his dad; or that’s the story others tell about him. As far as Iris is concerned, Silas helped her, and saved them all by doing what he just did, despite going too far. Nobody else treats the big man any differently, either.
Father Son Holy Gore - The Walking Dead World Beyond - I'm SorryCompelling to have the episode take place within a high school, due to the entire premise of the series dealing with kids who’ve never known a life outside the post-zombie apocalypse they’re living in now. I think there’s lots more ground to cover, so I’m excited, yet again. A certain amount of drama will be somewhat recycled across the various spin-offs from The Walking Dead because there’s always going to be human drama. Still feels to me there’s enough new to carry this series, and it’s only going to be two seasons, enough to provide more plot to the overall universe’s story while not dragging on too long.

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