Fargo—SEASON 4 FINALE: “Storia Americana”

FX’s Fargo
4×11: “Storia Americana”
Directed by Dana Gonzales
Written by Noah Hawley

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Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Gangster JostoWhat is Man” by Johnny Cash opens this episode, after a montage of all the people who’ve died in the Kansas City gang war. Ebal is meeting with Loy while Josto sits alone in the dark, drinking and reminiscing about the brief brotherly love he and Gaetano had forged before the latter died. Ebal’s given the ring by Loy, the one that proves Oraetta killed Donatello Fadda. And Josto’s decided to take matters with Dr. Harvard into his own hands. Down at the jailhouse, Oraetta’s been bailed out, though it’s quite possible she may not be happy when she finds out who paid it.

Soon, Josto receives word that Cannon’s dead. “The wars over,” he’s told. We see that Loy was standing alone in his office when Leon sneaked up quietly behind him with a pistol. Luckily, there was one of his men waiting, and he strangled the would-be assassin. All the double-crossing had been averted through Loy’s dealings with Ebal, giving the ring and Oraetta over in exchange for heading off disaster.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Loy & EbalThings are not so exciting for Josto when Ebal accuses him of collaborating with Oraetta to kill Donatello while the boss was in hospital. The nurse is backing the story, of course. Doesn’t help that Josto spent so much time banging her, either. Nobody’s too willing to believe his story. Looks like things have been set in motion already anyway. Ebal believes that “families are crazy,” and that’s why the old Italian way no longer works in America. So there’s really no way out for Josto now. He and Oraetta will wind up sharing the same fate: a bullet in the head and a shallow grave.

The Cannons get home to their front door open. Loy cautiously goes inside, gun drawn. He checks the house himself and discovers Satchel has returned—very much alive. It’s a somewhat bittersweet return, given that so much collateral damage was caused by the lie that young Satchel was killed. But it’s much more sweet than it is bitter, for sure. Loy and Buel still have their boy, and now he’s come home to them. A beautiful sequence.

In the aftermath, Ebal and Loy are getting “back to business.” There are a few things to work out, however, it doesn’t sit quite right with Cannon. The Italians are trying to take half of the business belonging to Loy and his organisation. A “new plan” has emerged for the national outfit that is la Cosa Nostra. Suddenly everything between Ebal and Loy isn’t so peachy like ti seemed in the park. The Italians are still treating the Blacks like they’re nothing but expendable business assets to be used as means to an end.
Will Loy simply let this lie? “Wars over,” he says reluctantly.
Then Loy goes home and gets stabbed to death by Zelmare on his porch.
Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Chris Rock as Loy Cannon

“History is a form of memory.
But what does it mean to remember?”

Father Son Holy Gore - Fargo - Zelmare's Bloody KnifeA bit of a quick conclusion, but still enjoyable. Not sure why this last episode was significantly shorter than the others. Feels like everything came to a close very fast, even if much of this was a natural conclusion to events. Fun to see Bokeem Woodbine return at the end as Mike Milligan, confirming a theory that began earlier in Season 4 due to the Irish gang—the Milligan Concern—suggesting Satchel grew up to become Mike, taking on the Irish last name in honour of the man who saved his life, Rabbi Milligan. Always love to see the way Fargo connects its seasons, and this was a true treat.

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