Chapelwaite Ep. 8: “Hold the Night”

Epix’s Chapelwaite
Ep. 8: “Hold the Night”
Directed by David Frazee
Written by Jason & Peter Filardi

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Decapitated HeadChapelwaite is surrounded by the undead and others following Jakub. Inside, Charles and the others stand guard. They’ve all got their positions around the manor. They’ve fortified the place as best they can and all they can do is hold their ground now. If things get too bad, they’ll all funnel to the cellar for a “last stand.” Charles is using all his seafaring knowledge, “defending ships against marauders,” but nothing like the moment at hand. Minister Burroughs, for his part, doesn’t have much in the way of faith for everybody, so Rebecca takes it upon herself to say a prayer.
Constable Dennison goes down to see his wife and Mary’s gone full-on vampire. It’s sad to see the divide between humans and vampires portrayed on such an individual level like the Dennisons, a husband and wife torn apart by the curse of the undead. George gives Mary a bit of blood to feed on and she tempts him: “Drink from me.” He doesn’t give in at the moment, but will he keep holding out?

Charles witnesses George feeding Mary, so now he wonders whether to trust the constable. He asks Rebecca if she trusts Dennison and she does, but only so far. They both decide to keep a watchful eye on the copper. In the meantime, Rebecca and Charles talk of gods. He sees through it all: “Whichever god has the strongest army at the moment is the most real.” What a line! So true, too. Plus it’s only reality for them now with an army of the undead outside Chapelwaite, willing to fight for their worm god. At the same time, Minister Burroughs is all but giving up on God. Quite the dramatic irony at play here.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Hiding EyesCharles goes to talk with George, telling him there are “conditions worse than death.” The constable talks about when he met Mary, how much he’s loved her over the years. Love doesn’t change a vampire, though. Charles knows that fact; his daughter Loa is one of them now, too. He can’t convince George to let go of Mary. Therefore, the captain has to keep on keeping that eye on the constable. Then George reveals a story about when he was seventeen and he saved Philip’s life. He rode to Chapelwaite only to find Silence Boone hanging herself along with her boys, Philip and Charles’s father. He cut the boys down, saving Philip’s life. He regrets it, obviously. Another chilling piece of the ugly mosaic that is the Boone family legacy.

Outside the manor, Jakub walks silently around the house and only staring at it. Inside, Charles keeps everyone on high alert. While Jakub lurks there’s someone closer to the house; we see them try to open up the door right outside the room where Tane and Honor are hiding. Oh, lord. The suspense! Jakub strolls back to the front of the house and picks up Philip’s decapitated head, walking back into the shadows.
Soon people under the spell of the undead storm the house. George and Charles take shots, as does Honor. One person nearly busts through the door but Charles kills him. Burroughs gets taunted at the window by one of the women outside who mocks Faith. Another man outside tells Burroughs to give up the book. He and the woman tempt the minister with their worm god and promises of women. They tell Burroughs that the child was never his, but rather Jakub’s child, and it all but breaks the minister.

Burroughs is now convinced they ought to give up De Vermis Mysteriis, so it gives Charles and Rebecca another thing to worry about, but they’re interrupted by more noise upstairs in the house. Charles goes up to see if there’s been a breach and he discovers an open window. He rushes to tell his children and Rebecca, then goes about searching the place further. He finds Burroughs in the cellar with Mary. The minister was going to take the book until running into Mary. Charles schools the minister a bit on having conviction, whether a believer in God or not. Burroughs finally makes a choice: “We cant let them win.”
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Vampire Loa Saves TaneRebecca finds a woman inside the house and before she can do anything the lady’s gone through the wall, into the tunnels. George manages to shoot the lady as she opens the barn, but it’s too late: others with Jakub are headed for the barn and they’ll soon come upon the tunnel. This forces Charles to change their plans slightly and they start creating a new barricade within the house itself where they’ll fall back if need be; first he has to nail the wall in his office shut. It’s not long and there are sounds from behind the walls. Everyone starts to hear them. And after a while, there are human and vampire intruders alike making their way into the house from the tunnel behind the office wall.

Tane is separated from the others and nearly caught be an intruder when vampire Loa saves him. She wants him to go with her, and her brother’s not sure about that. Charles wants to go look for his boy but George convinces him to stay the course. Simultaneously, Rebecca and Honor go back to the kitchen where they see the door’s been busted open, and the cellar door’s open, as well. Rebecca tries to close the door but vampires barge their way in, one of whom is Rebecca’s father. Charles arrives to help his daughter and Rebecca, but Mr. Morgan, even for a dead fellow, is very, very strong. They’re able to repel these intruders, though the battle at large only continues. Jakub is now inside the house along with the others.

So the group head down to the cellar, where they’ll have to make a final stand. Honor, Toa, and Rebecca pray while Burroughs, Charles, and George hold their guns on the cellar door, firing at the intruders. Charles is actually ready to kill his children, to prevent them from a horrific fate, but suddenly the noise upstairs stops and the vampires leave. Tane then tells Charles he gave Loa the book to stop Jakub.
What will happen now that Jakub has De Vermis Mysteriis in his possession?
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Jakub Breaks Into Chapelwaite

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