Chapelwaite Ep. 9: “The Gathering Dark”

Epix’s Chapelwaite
Ep. 9: “The Gathering Dark”
Directed by Michael Nankin
Written by Scott Kosar

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Jakub & LoaJakub and the others ride back to Jerusalem’s Lot with the De Vermis Mysteriis. He tells the others to praise Loa, who helped bring them the book, making them all bow on their knees. The little vampire girl carries the book through the crowd and everyone touches the book to feel its power. None of this is good news for anybody; not the Boones, and certainly not Preacher’s Corners, either.
Inside the ruined church, Jakub takes De Vermis Mysteriis to the altar. He explains to Loa the book is “a key to the Gates of Darkness.” She now wonders what will happen to her family, if they’ll become “livestock” like all the other humans. She also knows Charles will come after the book. But Jakub tries to keep her turning against her family. Will that work? Or will whatever humanity’s left in Loa drive her to help her real family? Right now she’s got to live with the rest of the undead and Jakub’s followers, fitting in however she must, including feeding on the livestock.

At Chapelwaite, Charles and the others survey the destructive aftermath, and they wonder what’s next. He says they have to go to Jerusalem’s Lot, set fire to the church and burn whoever’s alive inside. George knows they have to enlist more men to help. Not going to be easy, as Minister Burroughs points out. Rebecca knows that “words wont sway them,” they have to do something more to convince people. She suggests using Mary to show Preacher’s Corners the truth, but Constable Dennison won’t have his wife treated like an animal in the zoo, nor does he think the townsfolk will let Mary live if they see what she’s become. Rebecca also wants to go to Jerusalem’s Lot, to potentially reach out to her father; worth a shot, amongst all the rest of the madness.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Loa FeedsIn the cellar, George talks with Mary about what the others have suggested. She knows they’ll kill her in town, and she’s already been killed by her husband anyway so she isn’t thrilled about dying a second time. George hates watching what’s happening to his wife. But Mary, concerned for her dying husband, wants him to drink from her blood, so that he’ll live forever. Speaking of “eternal life,” the poor girl serving Jakub, kept around for the vampires to feed from, thinks she’s going to get a big reward after all her service. The whole element of vampirism in this series is based around service and people being conned into what’s essentially a vampiric class system. Quite the sad afterlife.

George and the others bring Mary to Preacher’s Corners, hoping they’ll convince everyone how serious the threat from Jerusalem’s Lot is, and how very real it is, in spite of what everyone might want to believe. Charles tells them all about Philip and Stephen, as well as about Jakub. Some folks only care that the Boones were involved, but Minister Burroughs urges they have to help Charles fight the undead now, or else they’ll all be victims of Jakub. The townspeople continue to resist, until George allows them to see Mary’s condition. Everybody’s shocked at the sight of the vampire woman and Mary burns in the sunlight, not to mention the sight of a cross or a Bible. Then Mary’s horrifically consumed in flames in front of the town. Now Charles again tries to enlist more men to fight against Jakub, asking those willing to go to meet him at the tavern.

A handful of men meet Charles at the tavern, where he tells them how they’re able to fight and kill the vampires. Charles explains what little he knows about the vampires, along with what George has seen with his wife, too. “If theres blood they need it,” says one of the men, suggesting they have to injure the vampires however they’re able in the fight. Old Sam turns up to talk shit as usual but Charles insists they have to take the fight to Jerusalem’s Lot rather than sit around waiting for the vampires to attack. Nobody has time for Sam anyway, thankfully. While everyone’s talking at the tavern, Burroughs goes home for a meal with his wife Alice. They sit down together for food while Alice watches her husband eat with great attention. It only takes a minute before the minister starts to feel the effects of whatever his wife put in his food. He’s not yet dead so Alice feeds him more of the tainted food.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Vampire Mary BurnsAt the ruined church, Jakub conducts a ceremony with his followers. He cuts several of his vampire followers open at the wrists, then the humans feed from the vampire blood to become one of them. Loa has her arm cut and she, somewhat reluctantly, turns to let the livestock she recently fed upon now feed upon her; a strange and eerie cycle.
In Preacher’s Corners, Charles goes to the house looking for Burroughs, discovering the minister dead on the floor. He finds Alice dead, too; she ate of the poisoned food to die with her husband. What an awful scene. That’s when Charles hears Samuel nearby on the stairs weeping. The old man, naturally, blames Charles. He pulls out a gun to shoot the captain: “The wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life.” Instead, he shoots himself in the head. What a terror.

People have gathered at the church, where Rebecca tells everyone they’ll be locked up in there until daybreak and nobody should go outside. She also asks everyone to pray for those who’ll go to Jerusalem’s Lot. Charles talks with his son a moment. Tane feels guilty for giving Loa the book, but his father says the vampires would’ve taken the book, one way or another. The father does what he can to comfort his boy, insisting Tane is stronger than most grown men would be in such a situation. Then Charles tells Honor she can’t go to Jerusalem’s Lot. He wants her to help protect the people in the church, and warns that Stephen’s out there somewhere.

Now is the time for the group to go to Jerusalem’s Lot.
Right at the same time, Jakub begins to “raise the worm.” He’s opening De Vermis Mysteriis with all the other vampires surrounding him at the altar. He reads from the book and then sings, as if filled with a spirit. The skies are opening up. In the woods are the other followers who’ve newly drank vampire blood, being killed and returning in their new vampire form to add to the evil ranks.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chapelwaite - Jakub's Ceremony

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