Chapelwaite Ep. 9: “The Gathering Dark”

Charles and the others must convince more people from Preacher's Corners to help fight the evil at Jerusalem's Lot.

Male Control & Bloody Women’s Liberation in JAKOB’S WIFE

Travis Stevens delivers another fantastic film, once again using horror (and this time a lot of camp!) to get at the heart of issues that affect women.

What if Nietzsche Sucked Blood?— Morality in Abel Ferrara’s THE ADDICTION

Abel Ferrara's THE ADDICTION is a philosophical vampire film about choosing good over evil— and vice versa.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN’s Tragedies of Youth

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN tells the beautiful and melancholy tale of growing up left to one's own devices.

LIFEFORCE: Hooper’s Vampires Reflect the Worst of Us

Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE isn't great, but its themes make the whole thing eerie enough for a dark night alone.

A RETURN TO SALEM’S LOT: Larry Cohen Hates Nazis Like a Real American!

Maybe Larry Cohen's just talking about vampires. Or, maybe, just maybe, he's talking about neo-Nazis.

A Different Kind of Vampire: Ted Nicolaou’s SUBSPECIES

A strange, unique vampire film you won't soon forget! Not if Radu has anything to say about it.