Better Call Saul 6×07: “Plan and Execution”

AMC’s Better Call Saul
6×07: “Plan and Execution”
Directed & Written
by Thomas Schnauz

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Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Lalo Hides in the SewersLalo emerges from a manhole in New Mexico and grabs some gear from a parked vehicle, then he takes the vehicle on the road. He gets a shower, has a short car nap, then he goes back down into the manhole again. From the sewers, Lalo’s actually keeping an eye on the laundromat Gus owns. Oh, damn. He’s getting closer and closer.
Jimmy’s rushing to get his fake Casimiro to take new photos. He also has to get the film school crew together, too. He insists Kim go to Sante Fe yet she wants to be there with them, bringing everything necessary to make the fake Casimiro look like he has a broken arm. It’s a rush job but it just may work for their purposes. Hilarious watching them try to block the fake photograph so the whole thing’s framed perfectly.

We see Saul rush with the photos eventually and hand them off to his private investigator, the guy who Howard believes is working for him, too. We also get a glimpse of Howard seemingly about to be a dickhead to a young employee stocking a fridge but then actually talking fondly of Chuck, right before the private investigator shows up with the pictures. Now Howard begins to put pieces together, and he wants the rest assembled so he can see the full picture, or, the picture Saul’s been framing, anyway. But the plans are in motion, Howard’s seen the faked photos and he’s been drugged to make him look unstable.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Saul & Fake CasimiroHoward and Clifford are meeting with a client called Irene. Howard talks about the mediator, Judge Casimiro, and mentions that the “wheels of justice turn slowly.” He’s trying to make sure the old woman has a good idea of what’s happening. Irene feels very comfortable in the hands of Clifford and Howard, even if Howard particularly is using her like a stage prop, sticking her in a wheelchair to make her look more vulnerable. Not a great time for Howard to start having hot flashes, either.
Clifford and Howard meet with Rick Schweikart and his people, and soon Judge Casimiro arrives which gets Howard quite curious. Now Howard doesn’t want to go on with the proceedings, calling out the judge after Rick wants more info. He’s getting the photos out to prove himself, however, they’ve been replaced with photos of Saul with a man playing frisbee. This all makes him look like a proper idiot. He also looks suspiciously like he may be on drugs, worrying others, including Clifford. Soon he’s rushing off and Cliff’s left holding the bag, plus a quickly withering offer from Rick. He tells Cliff the elaborate tale of what Saul and Kim have been up to, and it’s real, but it sounds more like the elaborate ravings of a drug addict. Most of it doesn’t matter anymore to Cliff, he’s only concerned about the money at this point, regardless of how Howard feels.

More cartel surveillance as Lalo films from the sewers, getting videotape of Fring’s laundromat where, down below, are the beginnings of “the mother of all meth labs.” He’s plotting to get inside, kill any guards, and get further video evidence of what Fring has been doing to show the cartel. He gives Uncle Hector a call at the retirement home, but realises that the phone has been bugged, and who’d do that? “Clever, clever Chicken Man.” So, what now for Lalo? He makes another call to Hector, this time knowing someone is listening, and tells the old man he “couldnt find proof.” He also tells Hector there’s a surprise coming for Gus tonight. A trap’s being laid. Soon there’s movement around the laundromat, including Mike, and this starts to give Lalo a better idea about how things run.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Lalo Videotaping the LaundromatGus is off doing his public philanthropic thing when he sees Mike waiting in the wings to deliver news. He hears the tape from the surveillance on Hector. Mike wants to get Fring out of there because this is an “uncontrollable situation.” He’s only playing into Lalo’s plans, considering this was all set in motion by Lalo in the first place.
At home, Saul and Kim are watching an old movie when Howard drops by for a chat. Howard’s brought a celebratory bottle of booze for Saul. He’s admitting defeat in their personal war. He just wants to know why Saul and Kim would do this to him. He’s humiliated by the situation, but he says they’re both “soulless.” He’s more disappointed in Kim than ole Slippin’ Jimmy. In the middle of everything, Lalo turns up, clearly frightening Saul and Kim. Scarier when Lalo pulls out the silenced pistol, then he puts a bullet through Howard’s skull. Jesus Christ.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Howard DiesWhat’s going to happen next before the series ends?
Wait and see.

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