Better Call Saul 6×08: “Point and Shoot”

AMC’s Better Call Saul
6×08: “Point and Shoot”
Directed by Vince Gilligan
Written by Gordon Smith & Ariel Levine

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Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Howard's DisappearedA nice dress shoe washes up on a beach.
Up beyond the shore are old footprints in the sand and another shoe.
The footprints lead to the car with the NAMASTE plate.
Inside are a wallet and a wedding ring.
A perfect cover story for the disappearance and death of Howard Hamlin.

We go back to the immediate aftermath when Lalo shoots Howard, killing the man in front of Saul and Kim, who never expected such a horrific thing to happen right in front of them, not to mention at home. Saul’s pleading with Lalo, though the cartel man doesn’t want to hear any more talk. Lalo gives Saul directions and keys to a car, as well as instructions about what to do, involving taking a gun and going up to a house, where the lawyer has to ring the bell and kill the person inside.
Saul says Lalo should send Kim instead because it’ll be more unexpected for a woman to show up. Good lord. Kim begs Saul to stop, but he doesn’t, and soon Lalo agrees with the plan. A pretty nasty thing for Saul to do, forcing Kim to commit a murder.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Howard's Dead and GoneWhile Kim has to go kill a man, Saul’s tied to a chair, forced to listen to Lalo talk about how things have gone down. Lalo talks about Nacho and the people who died at his estate. He wants “the whole story” out of Saul. First, he has things to do. He heads out, leaving Saul zip-tied to the chair, and that allows the lawyer some time to attempt escape. Saul tips the chair over, only to wind up face-to-face with dead Howard on the floor. Simultaneously, Kim nervously drives towards her fateful destination. And what’s the destination? Gus’s house. Holy shit. Kim eventually arrives, pulling the gun out of the glove compartment and heading up to the door. Of course there’s still surveillance on the Fring residence. That might be bad for Kim. And in moments, she’s pushed in through the front door by Mike and his men, along with a Gus decoy. Kim’s frantic. Mike urges her to calm down. Kim explains that Lalo is with Saul, surprising everybody. All the while Gus is watching on the cameras. Mike heads back through the secret tunnel to talk with Gus about this new info, then he’s putting plans into motion to deal with it, too.

Later, Gus calls over to speak with Kim, asking why Lalo wanted to send her. She says Lalo originally wanted Saul to go, but Saul talked him out of it; she says it’s because Saul wanted to get her out of there, I don’t believe that at all. Mike and his men are over at Saul’s apartment building, trying to get a look inside the apartment but unable to see anything from outside, meaning they’ve got to go in for a closer peek.
At the same time, Lalo’s sneaking his way into the industrial laundromat. A while later, Gus and more men arrive at the laundromat, and he notices a slow-moving fan, where Lalo slipped inside. Then gunfire erupts from the shadows and Lalo emerges, putting bullets in everybody except Gus, holding the chicken man at gunpoint.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Saul & Dead Howard on the FloorSaul’s surprised to see Mike and his guys come into the apartment. Mike wants to know where Lalo went and when he left, but Saul doesn’t know. He calls Gus, right as Lalo’s frisking for any weapons, so that call isn’t getting through any time soon. Lalo takes out a video camera to record for Don Eladio. He wants to shoot a bit of video to show the Don exactly what the chicken man has been up to, creating a huge underground lab. He also shoots Gus in the chest, knowing the latter has a vest on and it’ll just hurt badly for a little bit. Though that probably just pisses Gus off. They head further downward, through the secret entrance into the lab construction site. Lalo pushes Gus down the last of the stairs, right into the dirt. Oh, my. We know Gus survives this, so the big suspense lies in just when he’ll escape, and how, and just how unforgivingly brutal he’ll punish Lalo for these sleights.

Gus wants to speak his mind to Don Eladio for the camera while he has a chance, calling him a “greasy, bloated pimp,” among many other things. He even talks shit about Hector. Then suddenly Gus kicks the power cords loose, sending the place into darkness, and he rushes for a hidden gun, firing at Lalo until there are no bullets left. When the lights come on again, Lalo’s lying in the dirt, gasping for air and bleeding out from a bullet in the throat, all as he’s laughing. Gus collapses, bleeding a bit himself.

Trusty Los Pollos Hermanos employee Lyle shows up for work before the crack of dawn, receiving a call from Mr. Fring. He’s told that Gus will be “out of town” for the week due to a “family emergency.” He has to be store manager while Mr. Fring is absent. Of course Gus is explaining all this over the phone to Lyle while he’s having himself patched up following the gunfight with Lalo. What a strange existence. Gus and Mike talk about what happened at the laundromat, how Fring went off playing detective without a word, and Mike’s pissed off. Gus is largely unbothered on the surface. Mike has to go deal with Howard’s body, and talk with Saul, as well. He explains to Saul and Kim how things will go with Howard’s so-called disappearance. A grim tale. Otherwise, Mike says go about life as normal; don’t act strange, especially after Howard’s disappearance comes to light. He urges them to forget any of this occurred. What a fucking task.

A wild image to see Lalo and Howard’s corpses together.
Their bodies are tossed in a pit in the unfinished lab site.
Not before Mike grabs Howard’s wallet and wedding ring.
Compelling to see Mike tell his men to go easy with Howard’s corpse, showing some kind of moral recognition that Howard doesn’t belong in that horrible pit, particularly not next to a man like Lalo Salamanca.
Father Son Holy Gore - Better Call Saul - Lalo Dies and Bleeds and Laughs

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