Mayans M.C. 4×05: “Death of the Virgin”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
4×05: “Death of the Virgin”
Directed by Elgin James
Written by Sean Clayton Varela

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Adelita Finds Agent LinaresThe family with Adelita’s child is actually Agent Anna and her husband. They’re surprised when she turns up, smashing their patio door and attacking them. Adelita fights Anna then goes upstairs and murders the husband, taking her child back. After that, she puts a bullet in Anna’s head. “Heres your mercy,” she says while she pulls the trigger. At home, Nails is getting more pregnant all the time. She asks Angel about the names Jonah or Nicholas, and though he responds it’s like he isn’t even present.

Creeper and Kody bond more when he finds out that her ex killed himself. He feels like suicide is a selfish act. But she thinks some people “are too absorbent” and can’t step outside of their pain. Creeper believes life “is a gift,” even if he’s seen a whole lot of heartache and murder. He doesn’t want to say much about that. Yet Kody tries to warn him: “Were only as sick as our secrets.”
Down at the shelter, EZ drops in to see Sofia. He says that Sally’s been doing well since he took Sofia’s advice about patience. He even helps Sofia with a dog patient while she has to put the pup down. He also hears a lot more about Sofia’s daughter. Apparently Sofia got very drunk one night and woke up to realise her child was gone. She found her daughter drowned to death. “Ive got nothing to give you,” Sofia tells EZ.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Miguel & His AuntWhile Emily’s on the street she sees someone following her, then she runs into someone called Piper who’s been searching for her. We discover Emily’s been in Ohio. She has a whole new identity, though Piper and her partner appear to know all about her past and her marriage with Miguel. Hard as Emily tries to deny it all, she’s not getting out of this so easily. Piper says they’ve come to ask about the Galindo Agro Park project and the dead man who supposedly committed suicide, Marlon from the City Council; remember, Marlon, the one EZ accidentally shot in the head. Not a very good development for either Emily or EZ. On top of that, Emily now knows it’s not so difficult to track her down.

EZ goes to see Jay-Jay at his place in the trailer park. A surprise visit. Jay-Jay’s wife is happy to see EZ when she arrives home. She mentions how Angel would always seem like “he had butterflies” waiting to visit EZ in jail; something little bro will absolutely tease big bro about later. She’s happy to see EZ outside the walls of a prison. But this visit from EZ feels weird, like there’s something unsettled between him and Jay-Jay. Although Jay-Jay says they have something to talk about soon.
Although Miguel is stuck hiding away somewhere south of the border, he’s getting a bit of history concerning Dita. He talks with his Aunt, who says his mother would’ve wanted him to get right with God. Apparently after Miguel’s brother died, Dita went there with the nuns and stayed a while. Auntie claims that Dita conceived Miguel through “immaculate conception,” but he’s pretty sure that his mother and father made up at some point. They’re interrupted when they hear the boy Tomas is missing. Uh oh.

Gilly gets an urgent call from Paul’s wife and he rushes over to the house. He has to break into their kid’s room where Paul is trying to force his son to kill him with a knife. An intense, terrifying scene. But it’s very reflective of the PTSD that has plagued military veterans for so, so long, and something America particularly, as well as Canada, have ignored too long. Nice to see Mayans M.C. putting a serious issue on display. Elsewhere there’s trouble when Hope finally snaps at her grocery store cashier job, smashing a woman’s groceries apart before she walks out smiling.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Paul Wants to DieThe Mayans are preparing to celebrate their fallen brothers. They’ve got Diaz and Canche and all the others at the clubhouse for the celebration. But there’s always business to talk about, as well. Canche hauls Alvarez aside to let him know El Banquero’s created an embargo currently as retaliation “for that shit in the desert.” Still hurting business. It’s hurting Banquero’s family business, too, which does not make his sister happy. But Banquero wants to starve the Mayans “until they die.”

Miguel and the search party for Tomas see the LNG pull up again, dropping the boy’s corpse in the road. Tomas’s father rushes to his child, but the boy is dead. And the father gets taken away by the LNG, too. The leader doesn’t care about any of the religious talk from the nuns: “Its too late for me.” So the nuns are left to carry away the child’s body. As long as Miguel is there he’s only becoming more of a burden to those around him. Though that’s true no matter where he goes.
The Mayans continue with their celebration, as Alvarez welcomes everybody to the place where they experienced their “darkest day.” Marcus wants to bring the Mayans MC back together, all the charters, by recognising the dead. They all stand quietly in front of photographs of an altar where they give praise to those who’ve been killed. Quite the scene as all the victims were murdered by their own. Taza tries to go up and give praise, but Bishop stops him from doing so. Tranq says goodbye to Steve while a bunch of Mayans seem to talk shit in the back, probably because Steve killed himself.

Diaz goes to Alvarez alone at the table later. He’s unhappy with Santo Padre, calling it a “weed” that ought to be ripped from the ground. He talks about everything with El Banquero, and the mess before that. Then he even brings up Alvarez’s boy, saying it was “the right call” because it was for the club. How long can Alvarez keep doing what’s “right for the club” if it means dispatching those close to him? Would he actually kill Bishop, his own blood, to help settle things for the other charters?
Out at the bar, Nestor’s being punked out, as a few Yuma Mayans make fun of Steve’s suicide. It does not sit well with either Creeper or Tranq. Things get very tense after a moment or two. EZ attempts to settle things but it only creates an absolute brawl between Santo Padre and the charters. Alvarez fires off a couple shots to stop the fight. He’s starting to think “maybe its time to cut out the fucking cancer.”
At the same time, the Sons are preparing for war in the name of Montez.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Emily's New TroubleAt night, EZ hears a knock on his trailer door and sees Sofia outside. She comes on in to say hello to Sally again. She pretends it’s a “home check,” but obviously it’s more than that. Sofia admits to being a mess of a human being, apologising for laying things on EZ earlier. Then she kisses him and they fall into each other’s arms, even if it’s only for tonight. While they go to bed together, EZ misses a call from Emily, probably trying to give him a heads up about the new complication in their lives.

The brothers in Oakland are all watching fireworks when the Sons of Anarchy turn up with assault rifles, gunning down Mayans all over the place. Some non-Mayans, like girlfriends, get caught up in it all. And just after Coco told Hope he loves her over the phone, insisting that she’ll make it out of addiction forever with his help, he takes a couple bullets.
Is this the end for Coco? Looks like it…
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. S04 - Coco Dies

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