Sharp Objects – Episode 8: “Milk”

Camille goes back to her mother's house, where everybody will finally face the truth.

Sharp Objects – Episode 7: “Falling”

Camille makes a poor decision when it comes to John Keene. Detective Willis uncovers information about Marian.

Sharp Objects – Episode 6: “Cherry”

Dt. Willis looks into Camille's past. A new clue in the murders turns up at the farm.

Sharp Objects – Episode 5: “Closer”

It's Calhoun Day in Wind Gap, celebrating Confederate history, and Camille's latest article was just published.

Sharp Objects – Episode 4: “Ripe”

Camille gets to know Dt. Willis more, as she tries to fend off the dark memories of Wind Gap.

Sharp Objects – Episode 3: “Fix”

Camille keeps adjusting to life back in Wind Gap, including the overbearing reach of her mother and the prying eyes of her hometown.

Sharp Objects – Episode 1: “Vanish”

Camille goes back to her little Southern hometown to cover a murder + a missing girl. She also has to navigate mental illness, alcoholism, family, and old friends.