A RETURN TO SALEM’S LOT: Larry Cohen Hates Nazis Like a Real American!

Maybe Larry Cohen's just talking about vampires. Or, maybe, just maybe, he's talking about neo-Nazis.

IT’S ALIVE: Attacking the Sanctity of Family

Larry Cohen's IT'S ALIVE is one of the first really postmodern monster movies, where the idea of family and parenthood comes under fire.

GOD TOLD ME TO: The Literal Sci-Fi Madness of Christianity

One of the strangest films of the '70s, and of Larry Cohen's, GOD TOLD ME TO strikes at belief, faith, & Christianity.

Creature Feature-Crime Mix & Match: Larry Cohen’s Q THE WINGED SERPENT

Only Larry Cohen could give us a crime film mixed with a creature feature that sees a giant dragon-like creature terrorising The Chrysler Building.