The Walking Dead – SEASON 10 MID-SEASON FINALE: “The World Before”

Michonne grapples with mercy and finds a possible way to deal with Alpha's horde. But nothing's ever perfect.

The Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 8: “Coda”

Rick and the gang infiltrate the hospital. But it all goes wrong.

Fear the Walking Dead – SEASON 5 MID-SEASON FINALE: “Is Anybody Out There?”

The plane must take off. But will it? And if so, can Al and Strand land it?

Gotham – A Dark Knight, Episode 11: “Queen Takes Knight”

Penguin wants revenge against the Falcones, but Cpt. Gordon decides to stand up in the name of true justice for Gotham.

Gotham – Mad City, Episode 14: “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”

Jerome enacts the next part of his plan after returning to life. Ed leaves Penguin in a horrible predicament.

The Walking Dead – Season 8, Episode 8: “How It’s Gotta Be”

The Saviors and Negan attack while Rick is the only one who realises they've escaped the Sanctuary.

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 7: “The Unveiling”

Jake tries to parley with Walker and the tribe. But Madison and Troy have other plans, which have even further reaching consequences.

The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 8: “Made to Suffer”

In a twist of fate, the Brothers Dixon wind up in a terrible position against one another.