Nasty Fitness Craze Satire in BODY MELT

The infamous Ozploitation flick BODY MELT is a gory satire of the fitness industry as just another modern horrorshow.

UPGRADE: The Abject Anxieties of Bodies + Technology

Leigh Whannell's UPGRADE is a kick ass horror thrill ride. It's also a deep, dark rumination on technological singularity.

“Fear is a place”: SESSION 9’s Gothic Madness in Uncanny Places

Brad Anderson's SESSION 9 explores our relationship to Gothic places, such as asylums, where Freud's Uncanny creates a state of dissociation.

FUNNY GAMES: Confront Yourself

Michael Haneke's infamous 1997 film FUNNY GAMES is a confrontation not just of violence in media, it is also a confrontation of ourselves & why we consume violent media.