FSHG’s Favourite 50(+) Films: 2010-2019

Against all odds, Father Gore gives you 50(+) of his favourite films this decade had to offer.

[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] The Tragic Ruins of Domesticity in THE SWERVE

Holly's a mother, a teacher, a human— and she's falling apart at the seams.

[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] IN THE QUARRY: Woman v. Cavemen

A thriller with sharp ideological teeth

“Children are like glass”: The Terrorism of Heart and Home in OF FATHERS AND SONS

Talal Derki's intense documentary dives deep into the dark heart of terrorism to explore how radical belief swallows entire bloodlines whole.

“Didn’t Think About Your Family?”: The Evil That Men Do in THE NIGHTSHIFTER

Take a ride into the chilling heart of the wounded male ego.

[Essay] “Waking up, is it?”: Childhood Trauma, Repression, and Freud’s Uncanny in POSSUM

The debut feature from Matthew Holness is a terrifying trip into the trauma of a wounded man.

Decadence & Heroic Human Hearts in Konstantin Khabenskiy’s SOBIBÓR

Sobibór was a testament to the human spirit's ability to survive amongst the worst horror man has to offer.

The Infectious Tentacles of Nationalism & Xenophobia in AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS

A post-Brexit/post-Trump horror+sci-fi mashup critical of the media, nationalism, and old white men.