[Brooklyn Horror Film Festival] Structures of Misogyny in GIRL ON THE THIRD FLOOR

A house is not a home when there's nothing but pain inside its walls.

[List] Father Gore’s Favourite Horror Directed by Women

Horror's not even close to being a man's world. Long live the power of WOMEN!

VENOM: Socialism’s Accidental Super-Antihero

Eddie Brock and his new pal Venom aren't just a Marvel duo, they represent a lot of our (post)modern-day fears.

War is Hell, War is a Disease: TRENCH 11 Descends to the Underworld and Back

TRENCH 11 treats war like a virus— a gruesome, violent virus.

UPGRADE: The Abject Anxieties of Bodies + Technology

Leigh Whannell's UPGRADE is a kick ass horror thrill ride. It's also a deep, dark rumination on technological singularity.

RABID: The Ravages of Postmodern Medicine and Sexuality

Early Cronenberg body horror tackles sexual politics and disease.

HELLRAISER: Come to Daddy

Clive Barker's 1987 horror classic touches on Freud, subverts Christian iconography, & gets naaaasty.

Cronenberg’s THE FLY Affirms Alexander Pope: A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing

Cronenberg and his body horror transform Vincent Price's original into remake heaven, as man's reach exceeds his grasp in this nasty modern classic.