The Gothicism of Ageing, Death, & Love in VORTEX

Noé's latest film is perhaps his greatest, and it's a fascinating Gothic portrait of an ageing couple nearing the end of their lives.

[Fantasia 2019] Enter a Bermuda Love Triangle in HARPOON

Rob Grant's pitch black horror-comedy is an intelligent evisceration of friendship, betrayal, and the male ego.

I Am the Night – Episode 3: “Dark Flower”

Fauna looks for Tamar at Corinna's home, where she starts unravelling the truth.

Frontier – Season 3, Episode 3: “Satanazes”

Benton sails for Scotland, so Harp and the others follow.

Mermaids and Other Myths: Curtis Harrington’s NIGHT TIDE

Curtis Harrington's NIGHT TIDE is a story of loneliness, psychological damage, and the terror of loving someone from a vastly different world.