Grotesque Guilt & Spiritual Rebirth in THE DEEPER YOU DIG

A family film-making team turns a familiar tale into a creepy, otherworldly, and intensely emotional journey.

INCREDIBLE VIOLENCE: The Thin Violent Capitalist Line Between Horror & Porn

A horror film that eviscerates horror, film making, and the entertainment industry's exploitation of women.

Sea Myth, Social Distancing, & Superstition: SEA FEVER’s Accidental COVID-19 Microcosm

Neasa Hardiman's Sea Fever is a creepy microcosm of 2020's grim reality.

“You’re Poison”: Difficult Moralities & Patriarchal Legacies in BLOOD ON HER NAME

A woman faces a violent past when it collides with her violent present.

“You don’t like me cookin’?”: Queer Struggle(s), Othered Bodies, & Work in THE LIGHTHOUSE

“Nothing good happens when two men are trapped in a giant phallus” — director Robert Eggers

“Doors in perpetual resolve”: The Gothic Capitalism of IN FABRIC

The emphasis of comfort and pleasure— only at Dentley and Soper's department store.

FSHG’s Favourite 50(+) Films: 2010-2019

Against all odds, Father Gore gives you 50(+) of his favourite films this decade had to offer.

FSHG’s Top 50(+) of 2019

A heavy dose of Father Gore's favourite films released in 2019