[31 Days of Halloween – Day 1] True Crime Ethics & Mommy Issues in THE UNGODLY

The 1st 31 Days of Halloween looks at THE UNGODLY, a brutal, disturbing look at true crime ethics and a Freudian killer.

[Fantasia 2020] The Hot & Cold Paranoid Delusions of BLEED WITH ME

Is it paranoia? Or, is your new bff a blood-sucking vampire of some kind? Hard to tell.

[Fantasia 2020] Cold & Disparate Moralities in Christian Alvart’s FREIES LAND

Alvart's remake touches deeply on issues of class, nation, and morality.

[Fantasia 2020] Playing God & Warring Masculinities in LA DOSIS

Two nurses, one old and one young, go head-to-head in a battle of flawed moralities.

Bougie Morality & Dangerous Liminal Spaces in Dave Franco’s THE RENTAL

Sometimes the Airbnb owner's a jerk, but it's the previous tenants who should really scare you.

Mothers & Martyrs: Terrors of Morality in M.O.M. MOTHERS OF MONSTERS

What's a mother to do when her little boy grows into a monster?

“You’re Poison”: Difficult Moralities & Patriarchal Legacies in BLOOD ON HER NAME

A woman faces a violent past when it collides with her violent present.