The Walking Dead – Season 10, Episode 4: “Silence the Whisperers”

Chaos reigns as Michonne and Daryl each try to deal with problems in Alexandria and the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead – Season 9, Episode 3: “Warning Signs”

Rick and Carol go one way morally, as Maggie and Daryl go another.

Animal Kingdom – Season 3, Episode 7: “Low Man”

J deals with his decision to leave Nicky alone at the ER. In prison, Smurf's beginning to wear down. And on the outside, Pope finds out a devastating secret.

The Walking Dead – Season 8, Episode 15: “Worth”

Negan returns to a mutiny going on behind his back. Aaron deals with the women of Oceanside.

The Walking Dead – Season 8, Episode 10: “The Lost and the Plunderers”

Rick and Michonne go to see Jadis, who's got her hands full with Simon and the Saviors.

The Walking Dead – Season 7, Episode 15: “Something They Need”

Tara tells Rick about Oceanside, & the group descend on the survivors to try making a deal. Meanwhile, Sasha must make a tough decision.