Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story – Ep. 2 “Please Don’t Go”

Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood shaped him in unfortunate ways. But there was always something wrong with Jeffrey.


One is a story of ghosts, but unlike you've ever seen. One is a tale about a resurrected woman who met an untimely end.

BLOOD QUANTUM Takes a Nasty Bite Out of Colonialism & Whiteness

A new zombie flick with blood, gore, and wonderfully angry teeth that bite back at oppression.

Fear the Walking Dead – Season 5, Episode 5: “The End of Everything”

Al's captured by a mysterious woman

Dirty John – Season 1, Episode 8: “This Young Woman Fought Like Hell”

John Meehan takes things to a fatal level

The Walking Dead – Season 8, Episode 9: “Honor”

Carl must say goodbye to those he loves, and those he loves must find a way to move on.

PET SEMATARY’s Macabre Exploration of Grief in the Wake of Death

Mary Lambert-directed, King-penned PET SEMATARY is a stunning, gruesome exploration of grief.