MURDER DEATH KOREATOWN: Exploitation & Ignorant Whiteness in True Crime

The line between found footage fiction and non-fiction blurs in this horrific true crime mystery.

“We’ve all got our car payments”: What We Lose for Money in DREAMLAND

I saved the world today. Everybody's happy now.

“It’s all her fault”: Gaslighting & the Virgin Mary in THE LODGE

A weekend at the cabin with the kids isn't always what you bargained for when you made those plans.

BLOOD QUANTUM Takes a Nasty Bite Out of Colonialism & Whiteness

A new zombie flick with blood, gore, and wonderfully angry teeth that bite back at oppression.

The Language & Economy of Whiteness in THE QUARRY

The Quarry's only just mediocre, but still has important things it's trying to say.

WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE! & Tragic Modern Violence in Wild West Masculinity

A neo-Western, without any West, that satirises and eviscerates the male need for revenge.

“This house is forever”: The Heteronormative Houses Capitalism Built in VIVARIUM

Come to Yonder— a heteronormative subdivision of your darkest capitalist nightmares.