Preacher – Season 2, Episode 8: “Holes”

AMC’s Preacher
Season 2, Episode 8: “Holes”
Directed by Maja Vrvilo
Written by Mark Stegemann

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Pic 1What are things like in Hell? Eugene (Ian Colletti) is buffed up a bit, using the time to work out. He’s got a TRACY tattoo across his back. He’s like one of those tough guys you see in a prison movies, a veteran of the block. He and Hitler (Noah Taylor) aren’t as buddy-buddy as they were before. But y’know, shit happens. Here, you aren’t allowed to be nice, either. Not to anybody. It’s Hell, for fuck sakes!
Ah, hell is changing Eugene. Not totally, but it’s changing him. The guy who doesn’t deserve to be there has now become indoctrinated into the life. A familiar story, paralleled well here through Eugene’s days in Hell. He’s just playing the game, though. Go along to get along.
Pic 1AFlashback to 1946, as Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) looks over tiny newborn Denis in the hospital. His boy. In present day, Denis (Ronald Guttman) is old, on death’s door. He hates his father, even more now that he won’t be granting his son eternal life. Flat out refusing. Because he knows the pain of being immortal. Living forever isn’t so great when you’ve also got to deal with lost love, unrequited love, mistakes, failures, deaths, so on. It’ll get ugly.
Poor Tulip (Ruth Negga) isn’t doing so hot, either. She’s having nightmares about the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) attacking her. But, of course, she pretends she’s fine, always strong to the point of stubbornness.
What about Jesse (Dominic Cooper)? He’s still chasing God. Looking for clues anywhere possible. All the while he’s being watched by Hoover (Malcolm Barrett) and Lara Featherstone (Julie Ann Emery) from the Grail. The priest is trying to get the fake God video blown up, examined; hoping to get a serial number off the gun.
Down in Hell, the inmates are almost back in their own “personal” little Hells. Apparently they’ve also discovered someone isn’t supposed to be there. Somebody “doesnt belong in Hell.” Eugene almost raises his hand when they’re asked, but doesn’t; Hitler notices. Thus begins an investigation. A bunch of inmates plead their case to each other, as the higher-ups figure it all out. Love the little touches in Hell – you get a basketball hoop, but a half deflated basketball. When Hitler asks Eugene about his story, he sees the kid doesn’t belong, he can tell. This ain’t gonna be good.
Pic 2Cassidy starts asking Tulip about his immortality, wondering if she ever wanted to live forever. Trying to see other opinions. She gives us the typical “nothing to be afraid of” line. To which Cassidy replies: “Things still hurt.” Everything from that unrequited love to the sun, can’t even go enjoy the beach anymore. The pain of immortality comes through in this scene, by way of Joseph Gilgun’s powerful, quiet acting.
At the video shop, Jesse doesn’t luck out on a serial number – no identifying marks, the number’s scratched off. Nothing to go on, no closer to God than before. So the preacher goes over the footage with the guys at the shop himself. He spots a reflection of a face. Hmm.
Eugene gets tossed into a worse part of Hell, into an extrapolator. A deep, dark hole. It’s there he’s transported back to that moment with Tracy Loach (Gianna LePera) before she’s about to blow her face off. He talks her out of it, putting the gun away. She calms down. Then he goes for a kiss. Instead of rejection, this time she accepts it, they embrace. Then they sing “Closing Time” by Semisonic together, so happy.
Well, until Jesse shows up. Or, God as Tracy calls him. She’s promised herself to him. Oh, lord. This is a real thumb in the eye to Eugene. He’s also worries that she’s calling the preacher God. This drives him mad, watching the two of them nearly fuck in front of him. Forcing Eugene to pick up the gun, to blow his face off.
Pic 3Tulip just about runs into the Grail operatives, after knocking on the apartment door next to Denis’ place. She’s trying to fix the bullet holes from the Saint. Well, she does run into them. Just not as themselves. Close call. Tulip and Lara actually bond for a second there, too.
The video shop lads come up with nothing. The face Jesse thought he saw is just a coffee pot. And so there’s nothing to help from here. The stress is starting to show. If only he noticed the PROPERTY OF GRAIL INDUSTRIES stamp on the DVD, might put him on the path to discovering the company, the men in white with whom he previously tangled.
At the apartment, papa Cassidy’s made a decision. Finally. He can’t handle watching his son die, so awfully. Not when he’s got a way to alleviate it, despite what’ll come with that later. Will he bite? Or will he kill?
Pic 4Man, this was a heavy episode. Loving these bits of the story with Cassidy, fleshing out the concept of what it would be for a vampire to be immortal, living amongst humans. Never thought of one having a child. So cool! Love this series. Preacher gets better with age. “Puzzle Piece” is next week. I have a feeling there’ll be some coming together, as per the name. Maybe a genuine piece of the puzzle will come to Jesse, or somebody else.

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