Preacher – Season 4, Episode 5: “Bleak City”

Jesus and Tulip hit the road. Jesse runs into Eugene in Australia— and he runs into the Saint of Killers, too.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 13: “The End of the Road”

Eugene's last attempt at escaping Hell. Up in the real world, Herr Starr attempts building Jesse's Messiah brand.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 8: “Holes”

Eugene finds out Hell can get worse than it is already. Meanwhile, Jesse finds more clues to the whereabouts of God.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 4: “Viktor”

Tulip and Viktor come face to face. Simultaneously, Jesse and Cassidy are tracking down Fake God across New Orleans.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 3: “Damsels”

In hell, Arseface faces a grim existence. But a flashback reveals more about his past, shedding light on the near death of Tracy Loach.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 2: “Mumbai Sky Tower”

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip stop at Mumbai Sky Tower, where they find a familiar face: the angel Fiore.

Preacher – Season 2, Episode 1: “On the Road”

On the road, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip start their search for God. With the Saint of Killers nipping at their heels.

Preacher – Season 1, Episode 8: “El Valero” AMC's Preacher Season 1, Episode 8: "El Valero" Directed by Kate Dennis Written by Olivia Dufault * For a review of the previous episode, "He Gone" - click here * For a review of the next episode, "Finish the Song" - click here In a ski lift heading up a mountain, the Quincannon family drop …

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