Trapped – Episode 6

RVK’s Trapped
Episode 6
Directed by Börkur Sigþórsson
Written by Clive Bradley & Sigurjón Kjartansson

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IMG_0075In the wake of the mayor’s fiery death, Chief Andri Ólafsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) has another murder on his hands, when they haven’t figured out who committed the first one. He’s also unravelling the past of their little town. He’s still an outsider to a certain extent, not being from there.
After the avalanche, the town’s picking up the pieces. Andri, Ásgeir (Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson), and Hinrika (Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir) go through the burned remains of the mayor’s shed. The chief sees the man was “locked inside,” making it a clear case of homicide. They talk to Kolbrún (Sigrún Edda Björnsdóttir), asking whether her husband had any “particular enemies” from his days as a cop. He mentions Geirmundur Jónsson (Stefán Jónsson). Hinrika then brings up the domestic abuse, to which which Kolbrún takes offence. It’s only proper police work to check with the beaten wife, in case she took her rightful revenge. But someone else burned her husband alive.
The paranoia is running high. Hinrika stops a man she doesn’t immediately recognise on the road, asking for his identification. Everybody’s on edge, naturally. A small town’s been infiltrated by murder twice in a week. “I feel like Im stuck in a nightmare,” Hinrika tells Andri. Little do they know part of the nightmare is on that ferry with engineer Dvalin (Hans Tórgarð), who’s ordering Cpt. Søren Carlsen (Bjarne Henriksen) around like a dog on a leash.
IMG_0076In Reykjavík, Trausti Einarssson (Björn Hlynur Haraldsson) gets an earful from Ævar (Arnar Jónsson) about the case. He wants this taken care of soon. They can’t do much cut off by weather. Trausti doesn’t particularly trust Arni, whereas Ævar knows he’s “been right before.”
At the mayor’s office, María chats with Andri and Hinrika about Hrafn. They ask her about the argument with Geirmundur, though she, like the wife, denies knowing anything about it. The chief hears of a memorial service at the church. He’s told the townspeople “need answers.” He goes to speak to them, pulling no punches. He’s honest about their fairly grim situation. He also bears the especially difficult truth, that the murderer’s likely amongst them: “One of us.”
At the house, Nishadi (Marta Quental) wets herself when she and Joy (Grace Achieng) see Cpt. Carlsen snooping around outside. Only more confirmation the man is on the human trafficking operation, not just an unwilling pawn, either. He may or may not have spied them in the window before they’re able to hide. Bárður continues to watch over them, worried for their safety.
Over at the pool, Ásgeir kicks all the kids out. He finds Hjörtur (Baltasar Breki Samper) with Soffia, letting them know about the mayor. He then meets a man from the boat— Björn Weissmann, the one they were looking for earlier in the investigation. We get a glimpse at Hjörtur, who’s got Geirmundur’s number in his phone. Curious, no?
IMG_0078Andri and Hinrika go to see Guðni, the hotel owner. They ask him about Geirmundur. He tells them when Hrafn was chief, the guy caused man problems for him. The former chief and mayor opted not to arrest Geirmundur, telling him to “leave town.” This was around the time Hrafn resigned from the force, too. Very curious. All around the time Dagný died in the fish factory fire.
After looking through the camera he found at the pool around Weissmann, Ásgeir turns up a video: in the background is Sigurður (Þorsteinn Bachmann) arguing with none other than Geirmundur. A new clue!
Speaking of Sigurður, he’s not well. His father’s death is hitting him hard. On top of it, Leifur and Guðni try pressing him, right as the cops arrive. Andri asks about the fire, about Sigurður arguing with Hrafn, about Geirmundur, so on. The grieving son doesn’t have many answers when he’s presented with the candid video of him and Geirmundur. Instead, he makes a run for it— along with his rifle. He goes straight to the docks for his father’s boat, then sets sail.
And so the search is on. With the wind calming, a helicopter from Reykjavík can finally take Trausti and his man Þór out to town. They arrive in time for all the excitement. Andri makes it onto the boat to confront Sigurður, who pulls his rifle. The big chief manages to grab it from him, though it was never loaded. Why’s he out there, then? Andri opens the hull of the ship, where they find the missing dismembered corpse.
IMG_0080This episode steps things up a notch, opening up new avenues with new clues that were concealed before. Again, more great writing. The performances also keep getting better and more intense as the time wears on, too.

2 thoughts on “Trapped – Episode 6

    1. I’m doing the ‘opposite’ — reading the recaps after viewing the episode. (Although to be honest, knowing potential spoilers never bothered me as I focus differently on the screen if I know what will happen.)


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