Trapped – Episode 10

Andri and Hinrika unravel the last of the case, finally discovering the killer and also what happened during the fire of 2008.

Trapped – Episode 9

Confronted with a shocking revelation, Andri has to do something he never imagined - or wanted - to do.

Trapped – Episode 8

A damning report written by Andri is leaked to the media. Captain Carlsen agrees to work with the police, despite his fears.

Trapped – Episode 6

After the mayor's burned alive, Andri has a second murder to solve while the first is still unsolved.

Trapped – Episode 5

The avalanche has isolated the town further. Andri finds Guðmundur buried and injured. The mayor's past emerges.

Trapped – Episode 1

A remote Icelandic outport is plunged into darkness, as a storm hits right when a dismembered corpse is found in a boat's fishing nets.