Father Gore’s Favourite (NEW) TV— 2018 Edition!

Here are Father Gore's picks for the best television from last year

Father Gore’s Nasty New Year’s Eve List

It's been one hell of a year! Or, y'know, hell on Earth. Whatever.

Scary TV for a Spooky Halloween

A list of TV episodes to quench the deadly thirst of Halloween season— BEWARE!!!

Trapped – Episode 6

After the mayor's burned alive, Andri has a second murder to solve while the first is still unsolved.

Trapped – Episode 3

Andri discovers Hjörtur leaked the photo on Twitter, so he takes the young man in for questioning.

Trapped – Episode 1

A remote Icelandic outport is plunged into darkness, as a storm hits right when a dismembered corpse is found in a boat's fishing nets.

Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 7: “Digestivo”

NBC's Hannibal Season 3, Episode 7: "Digestivo" Directed by Adam Kane Written by Bryan Fuller and Steve Lightfoot * For a review of the next episode, "The Great Red Dragon" - click here * For a review of the previous episode, "Dolce" - click here To start, the episode's title "Digestivo" comes from another part of the …

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Hannibal – Season 3, Episode 6: “Dolce”

Will, Jack, and Hannibal end up in the same place— then it gets bloody.