AMC’s The Walking Dead
Season 4, Episode 5: “Internment”
Directed by David Boyd
Written by Channing Powell

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IMG_0213With Carol (Melissa McBride) left on her own, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) returns to the prison by himself. How does he explain it to the others? He’ll find a way. Just when he and Carl (Chandler Riggs) were doing well, this is another reason for the boy to lose a bit more faith in his father. No matter how he sells the situation. But Rick’s determined, he’ll do whatever it takes as much as Carol did. Perhaps just in different ways.
At the prison, Hershel (Scott Wilson) takes care of the people best he can. Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) do what they can in their respectively ill states, helping the old man. He’s still going strong, too. Hasn’t caught a whiff of what they’ve got flowing through their veins. He also tries to keep their spirits up, joking, smiling. The kindest sort of soul.
At this point all that’s to be done for some of the people is various degrees of mercy. Some are beyond saving. Others, however, are still hanging on. Then some are dead, and quietly they drag the bodies away, so as not to frighten anybody. Just means more work to do eventually. Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) pokes around, but Hershel sends her off to find Tom Sawyer, get some reading done. In the meantime, Glenn puts down the latest of their dead when they get the body moved. And the old man, he’s keeping faith. It’s just hard, you can tell by the look in his eyes.

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) still worries about her father, naturally. Also for her husband. At least Hershel’s not sick so far. He refuses to let her come in and help, though she desperately wants to be of use. He’s such a good man, keeping everyone’s mind occupied rather than letting them linger on sickness, death, and pain.
His oldest daughter meets Rick when he gets to the gate, surprised not to see Carol with him. Rick tells Maggie straight up about what he discovered, that he left her in the wasteland. A shock to hear. Regardless, Maggie agrees with his decision. At the same time, Rick is glad to see Carl (Chandler Riggs) safe and sound, knowing Judith is fine, as well.
Dr. S (Sunkrish Bala) is on the verge of dying. He doesn’t want any more treatment or help. He knows he’s about to go, wanting Hershel to focus on the others; those he can actually help. The old man keeps his faith, strong. The doc would rather prepare for the worst that’s coming. If everyone dies, then turns? It’ll get ugly.
Things are already getting grim. To the point Hershel really has to face the lengths of this illness, the harder times ahead. This is a defining moment, because up to this point he hasn’t had to put down any of them himself in the prison. Here, he’s faced with doing what must be done, but with great difficulty. He still gets the job finished. Just as Rick turns up to tell him another ugly truth. All this shakes Hershel, a good deal.

A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ

IMG_0218Outside, Rick and Maggie reinforce the fence to make sure the walkers don’t knock it down. Not realising the cell block is turning into a mess inside. People are dying and some of the doors are left open while Hershel ends up tending to a fallen down Sasha. She pulls through. Only problem is the place has fallen apart. More are dying, they’re turning. Even Glenn is starting to get worse.
This is the start of serious trouble.
Little Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) gives a hand, luring a walker away from Glenn. Simultaneously, Hershel fights one off and then comes to help her, too. He finds Glenn in terrible shape. While Maggie tries busting in to help, Rick and Carl mend the fence.
Only it busts, sending walkers piling through. So the inside is fucked, now the outside along with it. Father and son don’ t have many options. They go for assault rifles: “You shoot or you run,” dad explains. Same goes for inside, with Hershel taking out the shotgun Dr. S kept in his cell. Guns, guns, everywhere!
Maggie gets herself in to lend a hand. She and her father do anything they can to save Glenn. Even if it means pulling the breathing pump off a zombie. Such a scary, visceral scene. Crazy intense. And Glenn survives, after all the terror.
IMG_0220Another day in post-apocalypse done. Carl and Rick finish off the last of the walkers outside, a proper family outing. Then at the gates arrive the rest of their group, medicine in tow and everybody safe. Tyreese (Chad Coleman) runs for his sister, as Daryl (Norman Reedus) begins hauling supplies inside. At least it’s a nice end to the day, and not everyone’s succumbed to the deathly flu. For now Glenn is hanging on, Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr) administering medication. Things could definitely have been worse.
But Hershel, he’s feeling the effects of such a devastating series of events. So much death. He said that he still believes there’s a reason, for everything. It doesn’t seem to give him much comfort right now.
One big bit of trouble is the fact Daryl will be pissed when he finds out Carol is gone. That’ll cause a rift with him and Rick, not an easy one to fix, either.
IMG_0221An intense chapter, as well as a personal, emotionally charged one, too. A great touch here closing in on the mid-season break. “Live Bait” comes next, where we once again see the Governor and where’s he found himself since last we saw him. He’s lurking around the prison. No doubt waiting to strike.


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