Nightflyers – Episode 10: “All That We Have Found”

Syfy’s Nightflyers
Episode 10: “All That We Have Found”
Directed by Mark Tonderai
Written by Jeff Buhler

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Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found" - Angus SampsonDr. Agatha Matheson’s (Gretchen Mol) body is being sent out into space by Karl D’Branin (Eoin Macken), as he says goodbye to her one final time. What more could happen that hasn’t already? Can things get any worse for the remaining members of the Nightflyer’s crew? Oh, probably. At least Rowan (Angus Sampson) is locked away. He’s by himself in his room, slipping further into madness.
The ship’s come upon the Volcryn fully, which won’t help any of the chaos going on. Lommie (Maya Eshet) is carrying Cynthia around inside her while Mrs. Eris strings Auggie (Brian F. O’Byrne) along to get done whatever she says needs doing.
Melantha Jhirl (Jodie Turner-Smith) goes to see Captain Roy Eris (David Ajala), who’s laying bloody and broken on his bed. She laments loving him: “Everything was a lie.” She doesn’t even know WHAT he is, let alone WHO he is, and it isn’t tough to see how it would mess with her mind. Out of nowhere, Cynthia’s image appears distorted to her, trying to speak. Melantha goes to Karl, alerting him that Mrs. Eris is still out there somewhere. They’re conveniently interrupted by Cynthia herself, wearing Lommie as her disguise and lying to the others, trying to get them to turn back from the Volcryn.
Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found"

“I don’t want everything we’ve lost to be for nothing”

Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found"Lommie goes to the memory suite, where she sees Auggie smash Cynthia to bits on the bridge of the ship. Further in, Cynthia laments the state of the ship, believing that it’s infecting them all. She tells Auggie the Volcryn’s energy is “like a cancer” eating away at her ship. She wants him to cause a blast that’ll vaporise the unwanted entities. She tells Auggie the two of them can escape and head elsewhere, just the two of them.
The only thing Karl can think to do is get Thale (Sam Strike) to reach out and connect with the Volcryn. He just needs help to guide Thale, which means he’s going to speak with Rowan. That’s when he hears the reason Agatha died and how the “TEK was amplifying everything” to the point everything was disoriented. Rowan says he’s been watching the Volcryn and thinks they’re looking to communicate. Only he nearly gets his head crushed by psychic force once in the same room as Thale.
Most of the Nightflyer is in disarray. Blood from Rowan’s rampage is being cleaned up at the same moment D’Branin is letting him out to help with Thale. We see Melantha survey the damage, noticing the flickering, watchful eye that once was Cpt. Eris. She goes back to Roy, finding him in no better shape than before. Then he wakes up, speaking in a distorted voice. She goes to the door next to his bed, only she can’t get inside after the retinal scanner denies her entry. But doesn’t Roy have weird robotic eyes? HMMMMM(!!!). The wheels are turning for Melantha. She digs into his skull for an eyeball to get past the door’s security. What’s she going to find on the other side?
Thale says the TEK’s essentially focused on him now, without Dr. Matheson around, and he can communicate with the Volcryn’s energy already. He says Cynthia’s the key to reaching them. Problem is, Mrs. Eris is concealing herself well to keep Lommie hidden, and now the reluctant trio of partners must track her down.
Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found"Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found"Auggie’s messing with the thrusters when Murphy (Phillip Rhys) finds him, discovering what he’s up to, and so the former stomps his head in, leaving him behind. Not like anybody will be getting out alive, if Auggie has it his way. Meanwhile, Melantha is inside Roy’s locked room— wall-to-wall circuitry, a maze of electronic panels. She finds a tank with a humanoid creature inside hooked up to tubing and it looks exactly like Roy. Holy shit! And now Lommie a.k.a Cynthia has come to reveal herself, emerged from her “crystal prison.” She tells Melantha that Roy was only a vessel for her to have a physical form, because only physical entities have rights, even in their advanced technological society. A cruel mother using her own son. On top of that, Melantha’s perfect genetics were concocted using part of Cynthia’s own DNA. Yet another HOLY SHIT moment. All this right as Cynthia and Auggie’s plan is about to be complete.
Thale guides Karl mentally while they search for Lommie-Cynthia, who’s getting herself ready to escape the Nightflyer once and for all. Karl makes it to the airlock, though he’s attacked by Lommie before he can shut down any of the systems she’s messing with, and he’s forced to fight her physically while Cynthia remains inside her body. Then Karl gets into the airlock himself, leaving them all there aboard the ship as he hurtles towards the Volcryn on his own.
Can Melantha and Rowan manage to save the Nightflyer? Or will they all go down in flames? On the bridge, Auggie finds out he was never going with Cynthia on the one-person pod. So he orders security take Lommie to a holding cell and have her sedated. But is what he’s done already reversible? He tells Melantha there’s nothing to do about the engines overheating now. The only option is for Lommie to go into the system and reset things from the inside, and that’s not really an option anymore. Unless Thale can reach her. He finds her at Greywing, lost someplace there. They tell Lommie what needs to be done, and she insists on helping, even if it kills her. And the others could die too, if they aren’t careful. All the ship’s systems and shutting down, leaving everybody vulnerable to the cold of space.
In the pod, Karl bursts through into Volcryn territory. He begins to see memories of his wife, of his daughter, of Agatha. He feels the pressure of the TEK energy all around him. In the blink of an eye, he’s back home with his wife, and his daughter’s still alive. It isn’t an out of body experience this time. He’s gone.
Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found" - Eoin Macken

“The connections we make, they’re everything.”

Syfy's Nightflyers "All That We Have Found"Will Nightflyers go for a Season 2?
Officialy: no. Syfy’s decided not to do any more.
It doesn’t matter because what exists has been some fantastic work! Can’t wait to rewatch eventually in the near future.

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