Netflix’s Chambers
Season 1, Episode 5: “Murder on My Mind”
Directed by Dana Gonzales
Written by Rebecca Kirsch

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Nicholas GalitzineDuring the big electrical storm, Elliott (Nicholas Galitzine) eats cereal and watches TV. There’s a report about an influx of newborns on that very day in the hospital. He sees flashes of Becky (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) in the shower as the radio falls into the water. And is that blood on him? He’s freaking out, so he calls his father, Ben (Tony Goldwyn).
Its Becky,” he says.
Did brother do something to sister? Curious. Anyone else notice the blood stain on him got bigger and darker? Continuity error, or purposeful image?

At home, Ben and his creepy buddy Evan (Matthew Rauch) discuss things. Evan asks about what happened recently. He wonders if Frank (Marcus LaVoi) knows anything. Ben’s sure Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) hasn’t said anything to her uncle.
They’re up to something shady.
Meanwhile, Sasha wonders if Ben murdered his own daughter. She wants to get closer to the Lefevres. Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) urges her getting closer “to the murderer” isn’t smart. Sasha decides to talk with Penelope (Lilli Kay) to see if there’s any better perspective from the scarred former friend. Penelope thinks Ben is a good man, believing Elliot’s “a psychopath,” and that Nancy (Uma Thurman ) may or may not be “on the spectrum.” When she goes to get a glass of water for her visitor, Sasha sneaks around. She sees a blonde wig, similar to the blonde hair she found growing under her own. Could Penelope have been the one Sasha saw in her vision, in the car with Ravi (Jonny Rios)? Or, was it Becky?

Father Gore knows only one thing for sure: Penelope is hiding a lot of things. Her unsettling voyeurism’s intriguing. At school, Marnie (Sarah Mezzanotte) tells Sasha more of Penelope’s stalker behaviour, to the point of “wear your skin like a suit” shit, breaking into the Lefevre house and trying on Becky’s clothes, her makeup.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - TelevisionNancy is trying to deal with her potential pregnancy. She’s with her friend Ruth (Lili Taylor) at some New Age centre. They walk around a garden talking, and Ruth reveals having a miscarriage, which left her isolated because of the way society treats a woman’s pain. She suggests to Nancy using a “reborn doll” as a way to cope with the loss of her daughter. That’s all fine and good. Except Nancy goes home, draws a bath, and maybe drowns the doll, then she tosses it out in a bag. A disturbing image.

Things are’t going great for Frank when Johnny ‘Bail Bonds’ (Don Harvey) is checking his credit score, putting pressure on him. This pisses Frank off, particularly after he realises that Johnny’s been doing more checking into his life, like the fact he knows Sasha has a Prius. Either way, Frank’s not happy and the situation’s becoming sketchy.

At home, Sasha finds Penelope waiting with info about her dad receiving a phone call the night Becky died, from a place where Ben and Nancy were receiving an award. Hmm. Penelope thinks Ben’s been covering for Elliott. Would make sense with the opening scene. We also see a bit more of the fuck-up son, who’s got Coach Jones (Michael Stahl-David) helping him attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. There’s a potentially dark past in Elliott’s addiction. His thoughts now are dark. Does that necessarily mean he’s done horrible things? Could easily be a red herring. Pretty wild line, though: “My name is Elliott, and sometimes I wish everybody but me was dead.”

Sasha nearly stabs TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand) when he comes to see her, after she sees a vision of Elliott coming at her. Everything’s shitty enough because she’s obsessed with finding out about Becky. She wants to talk to Elliott, blowing off plans with her man, and it leaves TJ rejected. Like Sasha doesn’t have too much on her plate already!
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Reborn DollSasha heads to the Lefevre house and sits with everyone for dinner before Elliott comes home. Poor Nancy’s freaking out— she has an inexplicable scar, like a c-section incision, up her stomach out of nowhere. She rushes to the bathroom and tries to scrub it away, tearing her skin. At the table, Ruth tells Sasha to stay away from Elliott, revealing the brother attacked his sister. This has Sasha sure she knows the truth. She goes to leave, then Nancy comes down getting angry at her.
Before Sasha goes, she says “Im sorry I made it bad,” and Nancy’s clearly unnerved. While Nancy and Ben watch old videos of their daughter as a child later, she notices the gesture from Sasha on the doorstep— it’s the same as little Becky.

Soundtrack note: At the party, “Forever” by Iceage plays.

Elliott shows up at the party he wasn’t invited to, and Ravi’s surprised. He has a beer, which isn’t smart for an addict. He’s not there to be overly social, telling his pal Ravi to stay away from him. He’d rather isolate himself. In the trailer where he lies down, there’s a BL/RJ carving— so Becky and Ravi were in love once?
Sasha and Penelope show up at the party, too. Sasha gets threatened by drunken Marnie, but she pushes her way to Elliott anyway. She asks him what the attack was all about and why Becky would stab him. She plays the Stone Roses song for him, trying to trigger something. But it’s Ravi, outside, who doesn’t want to hear “I Wanna Be Adored” because it reminds him of Becky.
Very suspicious, and it’s driving Elliott crazy. Ravi says he would never hurt Becky, he “loved her.” He followed her the night she died and found her with the radio in the shower, then saw her die. Becky did kill herself, and Sasha sees it happen. Still leaves questions without answers. Something drove a seemingly happy young woman to commit suicide.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - BL_RJElliott tells Sasha, that fateful night, he knew something happened to his sister. He was actually in rehab. He phoned his father and told him to check on Becky. The blood from earlier in the first scene? It’s the wound that “opened up” out of nowhere, from where Becky stabbed him weeks prior, like a psychic pain of knowing his sister was gone.
Curious, with all the potential reincarnation stuff going on, that Elliott says “Ask me in a hundred years” when Sasha asks if he’s okay. Maybe a throwaway line. Maybe not. Doesn’t matter, because it’s a good line either way.

Now Sasha feels that maybe Becky can rest in peace. That’s all quickly dashed when Yve’s mom turns up in one of her fugue states, telling her: “Shes never going to leave you alone.” She cuts Sasha’s palm with a knife, revealing a strange white scar on her hand, as if there’s a whole other person right below her skin.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - White SkinSolid episode. Lots of wild stuff. Some mysteries are unravelling as new ones are cropping up. Like Deacon at the end: is he working against Frank? Something’s not right about him. Plus, Sasha can’t catch a break, and she’s going to keep obsessing until she knows all the truth surrounding Becky’s life and death.

“With Grace and Gratitude” is next.


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