Netflix’s Chambers
Season 1, Episode 4: “2 for 1”
Directed by Francesca Gregorini
Written by Randy McKinnon

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Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Sivan Alyra RoseOn the night Sasha (Sivan Alyra Rose) winds up at the hospital, her Uncle Frank (Marcus LaVoi) is trying not to break down while waiting for news. A doctor tells him about the need for a transplant. There’s already one that can be given to his niece. The donor’s heart stopped, but it’s fine. The others on the donor list turned it down. Fate’s conspired to save her.

Sasha’s troubled after chopping the mouse, having the photograph basically blow up in her face. Now she’s hearing strange noises in the ceiling. And she’s having strange thoughts, like when Frank has his hand in the garbage disposal. She eyes the switch, almost wanting to flick it. She also texts Penelope (Lilli Kay), hoping to find out where the footage is from the camera that was put in Becky’s (Lilliya Scarlett Reid) room.

At the track, Sasha asks TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand) what the Diné believe about the afterlife. He mentions something called chindi— “dark parts” of a person left behind when they pass over. He jokes about Ghostbusters. She isn’t in a joking mood about the potential ghost of Becky lingering in her skin.

Sasha gets a zip file of the webcam footage, only it’s unsupported on her phone. At home, Penelope deletes the zip file from her laptop, then she prepares for a warm bath drawn by her mother. We see she’s got a brutally burned scalp beneath partial extensions she removes. The damage of the steam incident is more extensive than we knew.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Lilli KayOn a short drive, Nancy (Uma Thurman) attempts to have a decent chat with Elliott (Nicholas Galitzine). They go to a fast food shop, Hurricane’s. This surprises the son. Usually mom’s one of those New Age dieters. Things soon turn towards Becky, bringing up hard feelings. Elliott told his sister to “go to hell” last they spoke. There’s just a general divide between mother and son. They simply don’t understand one another.

Sasha goes to see Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) so she can use her computer to read the zip file. Across town, Frank’s going to see an old friend, Johnny ‘Bail Bonds’ (Don Harvey), one of those sleazy local lawyers seeks out big class action stuff over expired cough syrup. These two have a history. Frank mentions his niece’s transplant. He’s hoping for a “cash advance” from Johnny as a helping hand. The interest’s $200 per week—ouch. Frank finds his father, Harrison (Richard Ray Whitman), kicking around at his business when he gets back later, trying to offer help. He doesn’t want it. There’s a sore spot between them over his sister that Frank can’t, or won’t, let go.

Soundtrack note: While Deacon (Khan Baykal) spins the sign for Wet Pets, “Daily Dance” by Bill Baird plays.

The file’s unzipped and Sasha looks through the videos. In the one on the day Becky died is the song “I Wanna Be Adored” by the Stone Roses. Sasha heard it in the car that day with Elliott. Suddenly the camera goes black. Could it have been the electrical storm that night? Yvonne thinks there’s nothing suspicious. Not so easy to let go for Sasha. She continues watching the videos. She sees Ben (Tony Goldwyn) briefly in one, Elliott in another. Then she sees herself. She doesn’t remember it. She’s wearing the same thing Becky was in the previous video. She thinks Becky’s reaching out from beyond the grave to tell her what happened the night she died.

We see Ben’s creepier than he was already. He’s got a tracker on Sasha— in the heart, or the car? (Hmm.) He’s gotten an e-mail from Coach at school about the signature of Becky’s name by Sasha on a form. Father Gore wonders if dad knows exactly what’s going on, and, maybe, just maybe, he’s actually been… encouraging it?
Just a theory. We all know SOMETHING isn’t quite right here.
He’s surprised when Sasha shows up at the house. She’s using car trouble as a pretence to get inside. She slips into Becky’s room, gets in the nightie from the video, and dances while hoping there’ll be a sign from the other side. Nothing happens. She goes into the bathroom where Becky died. In there, she’s taken back to that night. The Stone Roses are playing on the radio. Sasha sees herself as Becky in the mirror. Someone was pulling at the doorknob and trying to get in. Sasha has a vision of her chest bleeding, the incision scar opening up.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Sivan Alyra RoseShe wakes in the hospital, with a doctor and Ben over her. Sasha sees the scar is fine. No blood, nothing wrong. Sasha sees she now has mysterious blond highlights underneath her usual black hair. Not a beauty choice, either. The doc figures her episode was only an anxiety attack.
All the same, Sasha’s experienced Becky through her own skin, feeling “her pain.” She saw a shadowy figure in the room that night. She’s interrupted telling Yvonne about it by a bloody little coyote running into the hospital room— the same coyote Frank saw outside moments ago. Yvonne can’t see it. Is the coyote a symbol of the ghost, or of something else? Might mean tricks, considering what the coyote means in Navajo myth. Didn’t Frank’s dad mention the coyote earlier, too? Juicy stuff.

Nancy’s receiving her own news: she could be pregnant. It shocks her. Could only be a pseudo-pregnancy. Or, could be there are other strange things going on at the Lefevre house. She’s also lactating and it’s freaking her out. In the meantime, she’s forgotten to pick her son up after telling him she’d come get him after his community service, undoing much of their little heart-to-heart earlier— pardon the, uh, pun.

Oh, and what’s that nurse doing handing over Sasha’s blood?
And to whom did she give it? Was that Ben? Damn.
Father Son Holy Gore - Chambers - Bloody CoyoteOthers may not enjoy Chambers. Father Gore’s not among those viewers. A fun, dark, and, at times, unexpected series. To each their own.
For those who are enjoying it let the eerie enjoyment continue.

“Murder on My Mind” is next.


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