Legion— Chapter 21

FX’s Legion
Chapter 21
Directed by Carlos López Estrada
Written by Noah Hawley & Olivia Dufault & Kate Thulin

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Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - David Can't Travel Through TimeThe episode opens with kids singing “Oh, good grief” by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. You may recognise it from Peanuts and good ole Charlie Brown. Division 3 and Syd (Rachel Keller) try to track down David (Dan Stevens), who’s escaped across time and space with the help of Switch (Lauren Tsai). The time traveller is listening to more tapes, lessons to help her navigate the continuum. She’s living among the cult. She has Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) around nagging her to do things as per “the order.”

David continues to battle his own mentally ill mind. He summons Switch to hear about her powers. He asks her to show him the tunnel through which she travels. So, she cuts a hole in the fabric of space and time, allowing David a way through with her. Except he’s unable to go past the barrier. She tries to pull him across but it won’t work. It sends David into a psychological tailspin, incapable of controlling those nagging ugly thoughts.
Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - Switch and Lenny

“Consider the consequences of your actions”

Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - David's Third EyeUp in the D3 plane, Clark (Hamish Linklater) questions Squirrel (Wally Rudolph) about where the cult’s house disappeared, where David is, and anything other info he can manage to squeeze out. Squirrel recites some Kriss Kross before Clark gets sick of his shit and lets him fly. He makes a landing, stumbling upon “the Breakfast Queen” and a bus full of knife-wielding Manson Girls. All the while, Division 3 are tracking them.

Syd wonders about David and tries to remember to put herself before him. He projects across the astral plane, appearing to her. He acts like his whole cult is about love and caring for others and yadda yadda. Same thing all cult leaders talk about in the beginning, until the power takes over. David is Legion. He just hasn’t gone entirely over the edge. But he’s done terrible things already. No matter how much he tries convincing himself he can’t take those things back, even if he goes back in time and literally changes the course of events. Unfortunately there are things— such as our mistakes— we have to live with, forever.

Squirrel is taken to an Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland-like place in the forest. At a table, he sits with the Manson Girls and Lenny, donning Mad Hatter attire. He doesn’t have much of a party. Lenny interrogates him about being on the D3 plane.
Quite the acid trip. And not a good one, either.
Nearby, Clark and the team are preparing to lay siege to the tea party. Kerry (Amber Midthunder) leads the charge coming up against those eerie Manson Girls. Division 3 doesn’t need to do much fighting when they can swoop everybody up in a net. Although they forget about Lenny. She’s got their vehicle, with Cary (Bill Irwin) to boot.
Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - Manson Girls

“I’m a good person.
I deserve love.”

Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - Lenny the Mad HatterCary wakes up at the cult’s lair. He gets himself out of a locked room, then goes about exploring the place. He wanders into David’s cave, where the Magic Man is waiting. They chat about what Cary’s going to do to help David— he’ll need a device to magnify Switch’s powers, similar to what they did for his own once. Again, Legion’s making someone do what he wants, using those fascist mental powers to his own ends, treating others only as means and not ends in and of themselves. Kant would have a field day with this guy!

Cary’s sent into a drug-induced state. He sees himself across from Kerry in a mirror. They brush their hair. Then they do a dance routine set to “Heaven Is In Your Mind” by Traffic. David turns up, taking the lead in the dance, taking control. Later, Cary’s brought to speak with Switch. She tells him about the hallway of time. She needs to be able to “expand the field” to accomplish what she and David need to do.

Once Cary has his tools and tech, he’s able to get started.
Time to “save the world.” Yeah, that’s what’s going to happen.
Father Son Holy Gore - Legion - David's Hidden FaceStellar follow-up to the trippy Season 3 opener. This final season will continue to be a spectacle. Stevens is pulling his weight as usual, as is Plaza, and the rest of the cast are equally as awesome. Not to mention the visuals are A+++. Bring on more.

Chapter 22 is next.

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