Mayans M.C. – Season 2, Episode 7: “Tohil”

FX’s Mayans M.C.
Season 2, Episode 7: “Tohil”
Directed by Peter Weller
Written by Jenny Lynn

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Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. - Marlon's DeadThe episode’s title is derived from Tohil (also spelled Tojil), who was a deity of the Kʼicheʼ Maya in the Late Postclassic period of Mesoamerica. At the time of the Spanish Conquest, Tohil was the patron god of the Kʼicheʼ. Tohil was also associated with mountains and he was a god of war, sacrifice and sustenance.

Soundtrack: Opening montage is set to “Micael” by Juana Molina

EZ’s altercation with Marlon has him questioning his morals, more than ever. This also has Emily constantly trying to get in contact, wondering what’s happened. Her mental stress is evident to everyone. She and EZ are lucky that, as the law goes, Marlon appears to have killed himself because of his insurmountable debt. This doesn’t help them ethically. Angel is likewise strained psychologically, wondering what’s going on with Adelita and worried about the baby he believes is his but we don’t yet know 100%.

Then there’s Coco. His relationship with Leticia’s still new. He finds out his daughter’s new friend Gabriela was smuggled across the border. She even used her “tuition money” to try helping, but Gab’s family is being held and financially extorted. Leticia tried using her dad’s Mayans cred to solve things, only for the M.C. to be disrespected and her getting slapped around. Seems there’s a rival club running people from Mexico into the U.S., which is a whole other kettle of fish.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. - Clayton Cardenas as Angel ReyesWhen Angel and Felipe sit down for a real chat for the first time, possibly ever, they discover many things. The son reveals he’s going to be a father, yet laments he may never get the chance “to fuck it up.” He tells dad about Adelita, whom the old man already knows because she came to kill him once. He explains he was partners with her father back in the days of Ignacio and the cartel.
A twisted history for Angel to learn.

Despite all the perceived decline in Dita’s mental health she remains cunning. She watches the news report on Marlon’s death, making sure to bring it up to Emily. Is mother-in-law piecing things together? Is she devilishly relishing in the White Devil’s— her words— anguish? Hard to tell what she’s up to, really.

Coco tells the club about the other club trafficking people. EZ chats with Gabriela at the bar. He sees a tattoo on her arm reading “Love opened a mortal wound” in Spanish. He remembers the line from a poem of the same name by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. He and Gab flirt before Leticia turns up. The club are talking about this other club, the Vatos, who are only concerned with “numbers and money,” not the human side of business the Mayans try to keep in their heart. Taza tells them all a story about “human trafficking,” when he was once involved with the Vatos, and how things got disturbing. He got out and came up north. Bishop’s ready to solve this shit before they do anything else.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. - Hail Mary Full of GraceThe Mayans get help to locate the Vatos where they’re holed up. EZ thinks of a sneaky idea, using food delivery to get them inside. Yes, there’s a few bullets exchanged, and it could’ve gone down a lot smoother. At least none of the club takes a bullet. Plus, they discover a bunch of Mexicans being trafficked.
Sadly, Gabby’s family is nowhere to be found.
The people are fed and hydrated, then Bishop seeks more info. There are cages, where others are kept closer to the border— here people go if they “dont pay,” either trafficked for more sinister purposes or “put down.” One Vatos patch remains. His presence makes those trafficked nervous.
Coco puts a bullet in his head. This helps people talk more openly.

Both Emily and Miguel are called into Mayor Pena’s office for a chat about Marlon. Seems the dead man sent an e-mail about “taking bribes” concerning the Agra Park bidding. The Chinese bid was thrown out. This means Mayor Pena will be accepting the bid from Galindo Enterprises. All that hard work Emily put in behind the scenes, no matter how brutally devious, has paid off. So long as these kinds of “sad and unfortunate circumstances” don’t keep happening. Pena knows she’s in bed with the devil— white or otherwise. But Miguel’s beginning to have doubts about where his wife’s morality is headed. Ironic for the kingpin of an international drug cartel. He has Nestor monitor Emily “24/7” from now on.

We hear Bishop’s perspective on the M.C. He believes they’re able to “look into the mirror,” regardless of their illegal dealings, because of the history and respect in their club. He sees money as nothing, believing they’re “part of something” bigger. He sees the difference between what they do— helping people cross the border— and what the Vatos are doing by dehumanising their own people, extorting them, and, many times, much worse. It all leads to a gunfight. The Vatos try to douse the cages in gasoline and lit the place up. The Mayans gun down their rivals, rushing to free people before the place goes up in flames. Thankfully, among them, are Gabriela’s mother and brother.

That night, Emily goes to secretly meet with EZ, telling her husband she’s seeing Ileana. The two of them talk about what actually happened with Marlon. EZ explains how things went down, that it was genuinely an accident. This doesn’t make either of them feel better. He tells her: “Our version is all we have.” They’re bound together not only by their past feelings, but now by death. EZ’s also going to call on a favour from her, to help with a “family thing“— like tracing links to his mother’s death back to Sonora.
Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. - Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo

“We have to serve something greater”

Father Son Holy Gore - Mayans M.C. - It's a Family ThingThings are getting wild!
Next episode looks insane, including the return of SOA’s Chibbs(!!!), so prepare yourself. Potter will be stirring shit up, too.

“Kukulkan” is next time.

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